• Best Elastic Cords for Bracelets

    Beaded stretch bracelets are simple to make and budget-friendly. Furthermore, anyone can create this accessory regardless of the levels of expertise. But with the number of options you have, finding the best elastic cords for bracelets can be tricky and confusing. This post will discuss the different kinds of stretch strings and the best brand to buy for each type.

    Types of Elastic Strings

    There are three kinds of stretch cords, namely the polyester cord, stretch floss, and the clear bead string. Let’s define each type one-by-one.

    Polyester Cord

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    The first type is the polyester string. It has a stretchy core and comes in a range of colors, metallics, and sparkles. It is commonly used in making hair accessories and applications where the cord is part of the design.

    You can also use it for threading beads for your bracelets, but since it is a little bulky, the knots can be a bit difficult to hide.

    The best brand for this type of elastic cord is the BeadNova. The filament is strong and stretchy, making it ideal for DIY projects like making a bracelet.

    Stretch Floss

    stretch floss for bracelets

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    The next type is the stretch floss. It also has a wide range of colors to choose from but offers a limited number of sizes.

    Stretch floss is made of multiple strings braided together, giving it a good stretch and making it easier to tie knots compared to other single-strand strings. However, when it begins to wear out, the strands are likely to fray until there is only one string left.

    The best brand to buy for this type of elastic string is the Mandala Crafts. It is a soft, smooth elastic strand, making it perfect for gentle use. Nonetheless, the cord is mildew- and abrasion-resistant, allowing you to use your DIY jewelry for years.

    Clear Bead Cord

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    The last type is the clear bead string, which is the best choice among all elastic cords for bracelets. It is a stretchy, round string with a single strand. For this reason, it is quite tricky to knot, but the strength of this material is undeniable.

    The best brands for this type of stringing material are PowerCord and Stretch Magic. They come in various sizes, allowing you to choose the most perfect fit for your beads.

    These are the best elastic cords for bracelets. Choose a brand or type that can hold up the beads and does not easily break. That way, you can put on your handcrafted accessory for years.