• Bracelet Stacking Tutorial

    Sometimes, the plainest jewelry can be the best ones!

    Stacking bracelets are the perfect choice to add an "oomph" factor to any simple apparel. You can make colorful stacking trinkets or use darker toned strings to match any outfit. Indeed, the sky is the limit when it comes to making this DIY wristband.

    For this project, you will need to get the following materials:

    • Six Satin Cords with Different Colors (1 mm.)
    • Metal Beads
    • Glue
    • Macramé Board

    Once you have prepared all the necessary supplies, you can proceed with the following steps:

    Step One
    how to make layered bracelets

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    Cut six sizes of satin strings in different colors roughly 55 centimeters long. Set one aside for future use.

    Step Two

    beaded bracelets

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    Get one of the cords and string on metal beads. Place the beads in the middle of the strand and tie an overhand knot on both sides of the beads. Doing so will keep the metal beads in place. Do the same thing in the next four beads, putting nine, seven, five, and three beads in each.

    Step Three

    stacked beaded bracelets trend

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    Place a metal bead and tie an overhand knot at each tip of the satin strings.

    Step Four

    stackable bracelets

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    Wrap all the fibers around the edge of the macramé board and bind the tips of the bracelet so that they can pass through.

    Step Five

    stackable bracelets

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    This is the perfect time to use the string you set aside. Thread that cord beneath all the bracelet strands, passing through the edge of the macramé board and centering it below them.

    Step Six

    stackable beaded bracelets

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    Tie a macramé square knot. To do this, you need to get the left cord and place it on all pieces to make a loop on the left.

    Step Seven

    bracelet stack sets

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    Take the right string and put it on the left, crossing the tip beneath all the fibers where they pass through the hoop. Stretch the ends tight to secure the knot.

    Step Eight

    boho stacked bracelets

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    Repeat steps six and seven, but this time, you have to start with the right cord.

    Step Nine

    beaded stackable bracelets

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    Keep knotting, alternating the left and right cords until you reach your desired length. Dab a drop of glue to the last knot and the corners of the square knot. Let it dry completely before cutting off the excess cord.

    Step Ten

    stacks beaded bracelets trend

    Image Credit: jewellerymaker.com

    Decide on the length of the tassels to get the wristband over your hand. Adjust the metal beads and trim off the excess strings. Apply glue to each knot and let it dry completely.

    You now have your finished trinket! Make more stacking bracelets and add them to your handmade jewelry collection or give them as gifts to your loved ones.