• Do Copper Bracelets Help Arthritis?

    Copper bracelets have been around for ages, but their use for relieving arthritis started in the 1970's. However, many studies do not back up these claims. Researchers are acquiring the recognized advantage of copper wristbands on arthritis to the placebo effect. If the belief is strong enough, the pain and inflammation may recede, causing a brief cure for arthritis.

    How Are Copper Bracelets Thought to Work?

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    Advocates believe that these wristbands relieve arthritis due to the mineral particles found in them. Our body absorbs the minerals once we wear the bracelets. Tiny flecks of copper enter the bloodstream, which repairs joint cartilage and reduces pain and swelling.

    However, there is no clinical proof that these wristbands can help lessen pain and inflammation. The only evidence that these bracelets have is that they do not deliver any clinical effect.

    What Does the Study Show?

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    Seventy participants with rheumatoid arthritis participated in the experiment and underwent an observation for more than five months. They all wore copper wristbands throughout the test. After the five-month trial, they all reported that the bracelets did not give any relief nor reduce inflammation.

    Any prior implications of the bracelet's effectiveness are purely anecdotal. Most people heard its effectiveness by word-of-mouth, which is why they bought these products and hoped they would ease the pain.

    The science behind these "treatments" is baseless when tested logically. Arthritis is soreness in and around the joint regions, resulting in degeneration and pain. Minerals have no direct effect on the internal functions of your joints. Hence, one must assume to see no advantage.

    What Should People Do to Help Ease Arthritis?

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    Patients with arthritis should eat foods rich in copper. Alternatively, they should ask their doctors to get the proper way to cure this illness. These methods are more effective than wearing copper ornaments.