• Do Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Work?

    Nobody likes applying or spraying insect repellent to prevent many diseases, not to mention irritation, brought by mosquito bites. Even the "best" products on the market can still be a nuisance. So, many people ask, "Is there an easier way to prevent mosquito bites?" One alternative way to avoid mozzie bites is the mosquito repellent bracelets.

    Manufacturers have taken this opportunity to produce and sell products specifically made to work like the typical insect repellents without spreading it on the skin. You may have seen them in stores near you, but are they as powerful as what they claim to be?

    What Are Mosquito Repellent Bracelets?

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    These are wristbands infused with peppermint or citronella that prevent mosquitoes from biting your skin. The idea of this accessory is that the band secretes the smell of these essential oils as soon as you put it on your wrist. The fume released by the wristband is said to be effective in keeping mosquitoes and other biting insects away from you.

    Do Mosquito Bracelets Work?

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    The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, an Australian government agency that regulates and manages veterinary and agricultural chemical products, conducted a study on the wristband's efficacy. According to their research, these products provide inadequate protection against mosquitoes. Nevertheless, they can still lessen insect bites but only for a few centimeters away from where you put on the wristband. It just means that these products can't offer over-all protection against mosquitoes.

    The US Federal Trade Commission fined a mosquito repellent bracelet band, Viatek, for the misleading advertisements of their products as a shield against mosquitoes. Consumer Reports experimented with the effectiveness of the bracelets. Participants wore these products and put their arms in a glass full of mosquitoes. Consequently, they got numerous bites after exposing their arms to these blood-sucking insects.

    Are They Safe to Use?

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    If you do not mind the danger of insect bites and are sick of applying repellent lotions and sprays, then go ahead and try them. There are a few pieces of evidence of the wristband's efficacy. However, you need to read the product label first before buying any of these products. Some users reported that mosquito wristbands could cause allergic reactions because of the essential oils. Thus, you need to do some research first so that you can reap off the benefits of the mosquito repellent bracelets and not the stated adverse effects.