• How Do Balance Bracelets Work?

    Balance bracelets, otherwise known as power balance energy bracelets, have become widely popular for years. Many athletes, musicians, and celebrities are wearing these accessories, and some are endorsing them.

    Why Many People Wear Balance Bracelets

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    Athletic balance bracelets are hugely successful because of the testimonials from professional athletes. One of those athletes who testify about the bracelet's efficacy is the former NBA superstar and legend, Shaquille O'Neal.

    The former NBA player said that he heard about these wristbands when someone did a test on him with his teammates. They won the game and ended it with a 57-point lead.

    O'Neal also stated he felt something in his body while wearing the bracelet, so he never took it off whenever he played. When he did, his energy went back to normal. Thus, he has never removed it from his wrist since then.

    What Do Balance Bracelets Do?

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    Balance band manufacturers state that the earth is attuned to an electromagnetic frequency. Energy Force USA, a promoter of these accessories, says that the world has 7.3814 hertz. The bands claim to help tune the wearer's electromagnetic frequency to the same level of universal frequency. Our whole presence, says the marketer, lies in the efficient transfer and balance of positive and negative ions.

    The bracelet sets the body's ions to a better balance, says one of the distributors of balance bracelets for golf. The ionic bracelets claim to give negative ions to minimize the effects of positive ions in the body. Therefore, it puts your body in balance whenever you wear this accessory.

    What Are Its Claimed Benefits?

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    Manufacturers have claimed several advantages of balance bracelets. One of those benefits is that it enhances endurance and muscle strength. They are also said to provide you with more variety of motions. The bracelets also provide mental benefits. These include more powerful concentration, better focus, and enhanced awareness.

    Do Balance Bracelets Work?

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    Despite the manufacturers' statements, many pieces of evidence prove that the bracelet does not work as their claims. Researchers at the School of Health Science at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology conducted a study on the efficacy of these accessories. Forty-two participants joined the test and wore these bracelets to find out if these bracelets could improve balance. However, the study proved otherwise. Subjects did not feel any improvement while wearing the balance bracelets. Hence, the efficacy of their claimed benefits seems unlikely.