• How Do Diffuser Bracelets Work?

    The creation of diffuser jewelry has been around since the era of high priests and shamans. It is a traditional custom that lets the wearer get the benefits of their favorite essential oils on-the-go. Diffuser jewelry can be in various forms of rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, or bracelets. Out of all these embellishments, the diffuser bracelets are the favorite choice.

    Diffuser oil bracelets are pieces of jewelry made of either glass beads, lava stones, or small pockets with essential oils. As the name implies, these trinkets spread the aroma of the oils throughout your body. Diffuser bracelets work in two ways: they tie your clothes together and release the healing effects of the oil.

    Types of Diffuser Bracelets

    There are three types of aromatherapy diffuser bracelets, and these are lava bracelets, clay bracelets, and leather bracelets. Let's discuss each type one-by-one.

    Lava Bracelet

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    This type is made of remaining stones from volcanic eruptions. The most popular choices for making these healing bracelets are dacite and andesite.

    A diffuser bracelet with lava beads is permeable. Therefore, it keeps the essential oil within, allowing you to enjoy its benefits everywhere.

    Clay Bracelet

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    This bracelet tries and sticks to terracotta and white clay for creating the beads. They are absorbent and can be infused with your favorite aroma.

    Dip the rolled clay beads into your chosen essential oil and let them dry before re-soaking for a rich aroma. Also, be sure to put the oil on the outer part of the bead to prevent skin reactions.

    Leather Bracelet

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    It is a diffuser bracelet with a locket where you can place the oils. The inside of the pendant has soft diffuser pads that keep the essential oil when you pour it in. Furthermore, they gradually spread out the scent throughout the day.

    Most leather bracelets have washable pads so that you can change the aroma whenever you want.

    Benefits of Diffuser Bead Bracelets

    Here are the advantages of this jewelry:

    1 - Works like Perfume

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    It is easy to smell good all day when wearing this trinket. The jewel diffuses fragrance without any prompting. With this bracelet, you no longer need to spritz perfume from time-to-time.

    2 - Increases Focus and Energy

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    Infusing the bracelet with mood enhancing oils can boost your focus and energy levels. By wearing this jewelry, you can concentrate on your work and increase your productivity.

    3 - Relieves Stress and Tension

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    Stress can take a toll on you wherever you are. Sometimes, you want to shut down and lay down. If you have a stressful day at work, wearing this trinket is the easiest way to fight stress. It calms your mind, allowing you to manage your day better.

    4 - Repels Insects

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    Going to places full of bugs should not worry you as long as you wear your diffuser trinket. The fragrance released by the bracelet repels insects; thus, keeping your skin bite-free. Give your family this jewelry to keep them safe from bugs.

    Tips for Using a Diffuser Bracelet

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    To use this therapeutic jewelry, you need to choose two to five lava or clay beads and dip them into the oil. Allow them to dry first before threading them into your trinket.

    Some diffuser bracelets come with small containers for the oil. If so, you need to open the locket and pour two to three drops of your chosen perfume. In just a few seconds, the jewelry will spread the scent out all over your body.