• How to Knit a Bracelet

    Knit projects do not end in winter clothes. You can create unique accessories like a bracelet when you combine this hobby with adding cute hardware. Not only is it simple to make, but it is also the best way to utilize your cabling skills!

    How to Knit a Bracelet

    Knitting a cuff takes about an hour to complete, depending on the type of bracelet you want to make. This post will show you how to make a French wristband through knitting.

    For this project, you will need the following materials:

    french knit bracelet materials

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    • Fabric Needle
    • Crochet Hook
    • Scissors
    • French Knitter
    • Button
    • Lightweight Yarn

    Now that you have the supplies with you, it is time to do the following steps:

    Step One

    how to knit a bracelet with yarn

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    String the yarn tip in the center hole of the French knitter and down below. Keep the end stretched as you do this step.

    Step Two

    easy knit bracelet

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    Wrap the thread around the first peg in a counterclockwise direction, then pull it tight.

    Step Three

    knit bracelet pattern

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    Do the same thing with the remaining pegs until each one has a loop.

    Step Four

    knitted friendship bracelet

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    Make a second row, and repeat steps two and three.

    Step Five

    how to knit a simple bracelet

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    Start with the first peg and raise the base loop up and above the top ring and holder. The base rim is now in the middle of the French knitter while the top circle remains in its place. Repeat this process for all pegs.

    Step Six

    crochet bracelet

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    Repeat steps two to five until you reach your desired length.

    Step Seven

    french knitter jewelry patterns

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    Cast off the fiber by lifting each loop above their corresponding peg until only one remain. Trim off the yarn (leave a 12-inch tail) and drag it toward the final ring, then pull it taut.

    Step Eight

    how to make bracelet

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    Make a two-inch loop at one tip of the yarn. Twist it around the bottom rim to secure it in place. Keep going until you have a half-inch band.

    Use a fabric needle to hold the fiber in place.

    Step Nine

    how to knit a bracelet for beginners

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    Use the needle again to string the yarn into the button and to secure it to the other end.

    Wear your new knitted accessory and show everyone how you knit a bracelet.