• How to Make a 550 Cord Bracelet

    A paracord wristband, otherwise known as a survival or 550 cord bracelet, is one of the must-have tools in your backpack or safety kit when going on an adventure. This piece is not just a mere fashion accessory because it has multiple purposes. It usually has a buckle, but you can also make it without one.

    This post will teach you how to create a paracord wristband without a clasp.

    Steps to Follow When Making a Survival Bracelet

    Step 1: Gathering Supplies

    supplies to make paracord bracelets

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    You need to get the following materials before starting this project:

    • Scissors
    • Carabineer
    • Lighter
    • Paracord (approximately 10 inches, depending on your wrist size)

    Step 2: Starting the Wristband

    how to make an adjustable paracord bracelet without a buckle

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Find the center of the survival cord, then coil the looped end into a small carabineer. Wrap it around your wrist to find out its circumference and make sure it fits comfortably.

    Step 3: Making Knots

    paracord bracelet with knot

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Start doing the classic cobra knot technique. The right cord should go behind the middle coil and in front of the left string. The left paracord, on the other hand, should go into the small loop the right cord created. Tighten the knot securely and repeat the process but in a reverse way. Secure the nub and flip the band over.

    Step 4: Creating the Pattern

    how to make a simple paracord bracelet

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Start creating the cobra weave pattern by repeating the process mentioned above until you reach the other end of the bracelet. Ensure the middle coil is turned sideways towards the end of the wristband. That way, you can braid the design without twisting the cord.

    Remove the carabineer and insert the right string into the small loop, then pull it tight. Turn the bracelet and repeat the process on the other side. Doing this completes the one end of the wristband without the bulky knots.

    Step 5: Finishing the Bracelet

    how to tie a paracord bracelet

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Remove the small carabineer and string the two cords into their opposite coils. Make a knot on the cord tips at a size that allows you to slip your hand into the hole. Trim off extra strings and burn the ends.

    You now have your finished 550 cord bracelet! Slip it on your wrist, slide and tie the cord, and wear it with pride.