• How to Make a Beaded Name Bracelet

    Couple shirts are not the only merchandise you can wear as a pair. You can tell the world that “he's mine” or “she's mine” by wearing a beaded name bracelet. This post will teach you how to make a beaded name bracelet.

    Things You Will Need

    supplies needed to make beaded name bracelets

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    Here is what you need to make a beaded bracelet with a name:

    • Nylon Thread (2 mm.)
    • Lighter
    • Letter Acrylic Beads (7 mm.)
    • Scissors

    How to Make It

    Follow these steps to make personalized beaded name bracelets:

    Step 1: Cut five pieces of nylon strings with a length of 25 cm., and then bind a knot to one end. Put the knotted end on a stable surface to secure the bracelet as you create the pattern. Tie a square knot on both sides. Thread and secure the fiber to complete the first square knot.

    Repeat the process, leaving three strings in the middle and weaving the pattern with the strands on both sides.

    beaded name bracelets diy

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    Step 2: Keep braiding the bracelet. Thread the middle string to the 'H' bead when you reach 1/3 of the full length of the bracelet. Leave the remaining pieces beside the acrylic bead and continue braiding on both sides. Tie two more square knots, then loop the 'E' bead into the middle thread.

    Repeat the process and add the letters 'R' and 'S' in the same manner. Weave the remaining length with square knots.

    how to make friendship bracelets with letter beads

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    Step 3: Cut off the tips with lighter. Get another piece of thread and tie a knot to the first five strings. Braid more square knots to make a sliding knot.

    how to tie a name bracelet

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    There you have it! Give this beaded name bracelet to your boyfriend and make another one for yourself. Follow the same steps and use H, I, and S when making this bracelet.