• How to Make a Braided Horsehair Bracelet

    Back in the day, horses were the primary means of transportation and an essential part of every household. That is why most people wore braided horsehair bracelets around their wrists. Though it is not our primary means of transportation anymore, many people still put on these wristbands as part of their outfits. They create and wear it in honor of their beloved horses or as a fashion statement.

    However, you do not have to be an equestrian or a horse owner to have a braided horsehair bracelet. You can make it your own if you want to have this accessory. Just don't forget to ask permission from the owners before getting tailpieces.

    When making a braided horsehair bracelet, you need to do the following steps:

    1. Collect Hair from the Horse's Tail

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    Take about an inch of hairtails and bind them together with an elastic band. You can get assorted colors of tailpieces from different horses to create a pattern.

    2. Wash the Mane with Shampoo

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    It is critical to wash the hairtails before using them. Otherwise, your braided horsehair bracelet will smell awful. You also need to note that the tail is close to their private parts and touches them when the horse sways it, making it dirty and stinky.

    When cleaning the tailpieces, you should wash it with shampoo, not a conditioner. A conditioner tends to make the hair fibers soft and smooth, making the tailpieces tough to braid.

    3. Visit a Craft Store Near You

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    Craft shops offer a range of DIY supplies that you can use for making a bracelet. Hence, you are likely to get findings that you can add to your horsehair bracelet. Visit these stores and choose accessories that suit your desired pattern.

    4. Use Carpet Strings that Complement the Color of Your Tailpieces

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    Twist the carpet thread around the edges of the bound tailpieces multiple times. Remove the rubber band and dab some white glue on it. Let the adhesive dry completely.

    5. Decide on the Type of Braid You Want to Create

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    You may use your go-to braiding technique if you are weaving bracelets before. You can also try the method used for creating a braided lanyard bracelet or the round weave pattern. It all lies in your choice.

    However, you need to consider the size or the number of hair strands you want to use for the braided pattern. You need to do some sample braiding before choosing the right braided design so that you can decide on the length and thickness of the bracelet.

    6. Attach Finding to Bound Hair Strands

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    Apply some glue to the finding, then hold the mane and pinch it with pliers. Secure it with something stable to keep the braid taut.

    7. Start Braiding

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    Start doing your pattern until you reach your desired length. Do not weave it too tightly, or the wristband will twist.

    8. Tie a Knot

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    Trim off the ends and attach the second bead clasp once you reach your desired length. Connect the two halves of your jewelry hook to the bead pin, then cut off any excessive fibers with nail scissors. Spray some varnish or hairspray for a finished look.

    You now have a horsehair wristband! With this braided horsehair bracelet, you can honor your steed with style or make a fashion statement.