• How to Make a Celtic Knot Bracelet

    Do you need a last-minute gift for your loved one? Why not try to make a Celtic knot bracelet? It is the perfect present not only for women but also for men. Additionally, it only takes a few minutes to complete this project.

    A Celtic knot bracelet, otherwise known as a Josephine knot and Double Coin, has different patterns to offer. This article, however, will talk about the classic Celtic knot. This type has no end, epitomizing endless love and commitment. The simplest version of this knot has three points with coherent interconnecting loops, representing earth, fire, and water.

    The knot was used before Christianity started, but the pieces of evidence showed that ancient church leaders also used it. They included it in sacred rituals and symbolism. For instance, the infinite thread is a symbol of God's eternal love, whereas the triple Celtic Knot implies the Holy Trinity.

    What You Need to Make a Celtic Knot Bracelet

    celtic knot bracelet supplies

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    You will need the following supplies for this project:

    • Beads with Large Holes
    • 72-Inch Leather Cord (1.5 to two millimeters thick; stringing materials, such as hemp and twines, are excellent alternatives to leather if you do not have one.)
    • Clipboard
    • A Button with a Large Hole

    Steps for Making a Celtic Knot Bangle

    Here is what you should do to create Celtic Knot bracelets:

    Step One: Attach Button Clasp

    how to make a celtic knot with rope

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    Find the middle point of your stringing material. String it through the button, then tie an overhand knot to secure the clasp in place.

    Step Two: Secure the Cord

    celtic knot macrame

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    Attach the button tip of the string to the clipboard so that you can smoothly work on the material as you create the pattern.

    Step Three: Start Knotting

    macrame friendship knot

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    Tie your first knot. Use the left cord to create a loop. Take the right-hand string onto the circle, then pull it below the left-hand strand.

    You will see a triangular space above the two cords, right below the knot that secures the button. Put the right string in the triangular gap, then string it below, above, and beneath the subsequent strands. Pull to tighten the knot.

    Adjust the knot so that both ends are even, and it sits close to the overhand knot. Thread your first bead and drag it toward the knot.

    Tie another knot and add another bead. Keep going until the bracelet is an inch smaller than your desired outcome.

    how to tie a celtic trinity knot

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    Repeat the process but in an opposite way.

    Step Four: Finish the Bracelet

    macrame celtic knot tutorial

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    Tie another overhand knot after making your last Celtic knot, then pull it tight. Measure the size of your button clasp, and use that measurement as a distance when tying another overhand knot. This creates a loop for the button to cross through.

    Cut off any excess strings, and you now have a finished wristband! For more tips, you may add more gems to the Celtic knot bangle if the wearer is a girl. Alternatively, you need to remove the sparkling beads and tie knots closer to each other. Have fun in making your Celtic knot bracelet!