• How to Make a Fishtail Bracelet

    A rainbow loom fishtail bracelet is popular with kids. The pattern of these wristbands seems to be complicated, but they are simple to make. It will be easier to create if you have an experience in making rainbow loom bands before, but you can still make them even if you are a novice crafter.

    What You Will Need to Make a Rainbow Loom Fishtail Bracelet

    fishtail bracelet materials

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    You will need the following materials for this project:

    • C-Clips
    • Bands
    • Rubber Band Looms or a Rainbow Loom Kit
    • A Small Crochet Hook or Loom Hook

    How to Make a Rainbow Loom Fishtail Wristband

    Here is what you should do when making a fishtail bracelet with a rainbow loom:

    1. Measure Your Wrist to Figure out How Many Loom Bands You Need.

    how to measure your wrist for your bracelet

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    Wrap a tape measure loosely around your wrist, then write the measurement. Take eight to nine bands for every inch. You can use the same color or different colors, depending on your choice.

    2. Begin the Wristband.

    how to make loom bracelets step by step

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    Create an 8-shape by placing your first loom band around the two pegs near you to keep the bracelet secure.

    how to make a rainbow loom bracelet

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    Alternatively, you can make an 8-figure with your fingers. To do this, you need to pull the band slightly between your fingers. Twist the tips in reverse directions to create an 8-shape.

    Push the left section of the loom band into the first peg, and the right segment in the second peg. Slide it to the base of the pegs so that you have more space for two loom bands. Place the two pieces on top of the first one.

    3. Make the Bracelet.

    how to make a loom bracelet

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    Pull the left side of the figure-8 band into the peg to loop it over the two crest bands. Do the same thing on the right section of the loom band.

    Add another band to the pegs. Keep looping and adding more strings until you reach your desired length.

    The key here is to have three bands on the pegs continually. Furthermore, you should put the subsequent strips in the pegs ordinarily after the eight-shaped string.

    4. Remove the Bracelet of the Loom.

    rainbow loom bracelet instructions

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    Use a crochet hook to pull the wristband off of the right peg. Make sure the band is in the hook, then slide it off of the left peg and to the knob.

    5. Remove the Remaining Bands, then Clip It.

    how to make loom bands step by step pictures

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    Get a clear, plastic C-clip and secure it to the bands that are on the crochet hook. Slip the clasp out, then find the other tip of the wristband. Push both bands to the side and towards the C-clip.

    Your fishtail loom band is complete! Wear your handmade fishtail bracelet and show everyone your braiding skills.