• How to Make a Gimp Bracelet

    Plastic lacing, otherwise known as a boondoggle, is a craft tool that you can weave, knot, or braid to make a gimp bracelet. A gimp wristband is made of two different neon colors and wrapped in layers around the wrist. Ready-to-wear gimp bracelets are available in boutiques, but you can make them your own to save money. You can also create them with different colors that show your style and uniqueness. Gimp bracelets are excellent gifts to friends and loved ones.

    Materials Needed to Create a Gimp Bracelet

    gimp box bracelet supplies

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    • Lighter
    • Measuring Tape
    • Plastic Cord
    • Metal Clasp (Optional)
    • Glue (Optional)

    Steps for Making Gimp Wristbands

    Here are the things you should do when making gimp bracelets:

    Step 1: Get Two Colors of Plastic Lacing

    gimp string

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    You can choose any color you like. You can grab two plastic cords of the same color, but it is best if you get two different colors of lacing, especially if you are a beginner. Not only do they look good, but using two varied colors helps you keep track of the pattern of your bracelet.

    Step 2: Measure Your Wrist Circumference

    how to measure your wrist for a bracelet

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    Determine the size of your wrist with a measuring tape to know the length of your wristband.

    Step 3: Cut Two Strands of Plastic Lacing from Your Chosen Colors

    how to start a box knot

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    Melt the tips after chopping them. Otherwise, you will be dealing with frayed ends as you braid the pattern of your accessory.

    Fold each fiber in half and pinch the middle part firmly to leave a mark. Unfold them and place them on a proportional cross, using the marked center.

    Step 4: Twist It

    how to start a boondoggle twist

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    Hold one of the plastic lacings and wrap it around the other cord twice. Doing so will create two loops on the perpendicular string.

    Step 5: Weave the Second Strand

    how to make bracelets with plastic string step by step

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    Take the other fiber and weave it on the first one. Repeat the process on the opposite side of the lacing, then go to the second color.  Weave it up and down the two loops, then cross it over.

    Weave the other string and repeat the process with the second color.

    Step 6: Pull the Cords

    how to tie a box knot tie

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    Gently and slowly stretch the gimp bracelet to prevent twisting. Try to pull each strand steadily to appear even. The best way to do this is to take the core of the stitch and pull one string at a time. You want to have at least three inches at the tip for attaching clasps or tying a knot.

    Step 7: Continue the Pattern

    box knot bracelet

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    Keep weaving the pattern in the same direction along the gimp bracelet until you reach your desired length.

    Step 8: Complete the Bracelet

    square knot

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    Once you reach your desired length, you can now finish the wristband. There are several ways to complete the project. You can attach metal clasps to close the bracelet. You can also apply a few amounts of glue at the wristband's ends to bind them together. However, you need to wait until the adhesive completely dries before you wear this accessory.

    Alternatively, you can tie a knot to finish the bracelet, but you have to burn the tips first before binding them.

    You now have your finished gimp bracelet! Make more wristbands and give them to your friends or create a keychain using the same technique. Either way, you will have the pleasure of making these accessories.