• How to Make a Guitar String Bracelet

    Strumming the guitar for hours can diminish the strings. They break or become too worn to play. However, it does not mean that these used metal strings are useless because you can turn them into a bracelet!

    A guitar string bracelet is an accessory made from old guitar strings. They are available in stores and come at various prices, depending on the artist. A Willie Nelson guitar wristband costs $75, while John Mayer's bracelet costs $200. Meanwhile, Eric Clapton's bracelet costs $750, making it the most expensive guitar bracelet.

    So why should you buy these bracelets when you can make them yourself? This post will teach you how to make a guitar string bracelet from scratch.

    What to Get to Make a Guitar String Bracelet

    • Wire Cutters
    • Soldering Iron
    • Rubbing Alcohol
    • Guitar Strings

    How to Make a Guitar Bracelet

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    Start by getting the right guitar strings. Use metal strings and pick cords E, A, and D. Strings (high) E and B are not ideal for jewelry making because they are excessively sharp, which can cut you.

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    Find out the size of your bracelet. Wrap one string around your wrist to determine your wrist circumference.

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    Add a few inches to the length of the cords for making the clasps. Cut them off according to your size.

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    Grab the guitar strings, then rub them with rubbing alcohol. Line them in your preferred sequence and make sure the bases of the cords with metal hoops are on the similar side. Braid the strings as if you were braiding your hair and begin at the loop end.

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    Wrap the braided guitar cords around your wrist to check if it still fits. Loop the extra tips of the strings into the openings in the metal hoops. The twines should take the form without holding them at this point. If not, wrap a thick cord or twisty tie around the bracelet to keep its frame. This is just a temporary solution for you will remove the strap later.

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    Solder a half-inch hook for the band by joining the metal hoops and a quarter-inch excess string that you looped earlier. There will still be some strings left after soldering the ends of the bracelet. All you have to do is cut them off with wire cutters.

    Set the bracelet aside until it cools, then unknot the tie you made earlier.

    Voilà! Your guitar string bracelet is complete. Add some embellishments to spice up its look or wear it as it is. Now, you can wear music around your wrist!