• How to Make a Kandy or Rave Bracelet

    You frequently see children wearing a Kandy or rave bracelet. Perhaps you want to have some too for yourself or your kids. Keep reading to learn how to make a Kandi cuff.

    Things You Will Need to Make a Kandi Bangle

    kandi bracelet supplies

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    First, you need to get the following supplies:

    • Jewelry Cord (.7 mm.)
    • Colorful Beads

    Steps for Making a Rave Wristband

    Once you have all the required materials, you may continue with these steps.

    kandi tutorials

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    Step 1: Grab the first collection of 30 red beads and thread them in the cord. Tie a square knot to create a single beaded bracelet, then tie it again. Tug the cuff to check if you tie the knot securely since the string is smooth and unties quickly.

    This is the perfect moment to adjust the size of your bracelet. Thread the cord into the bangle and tie it tight.

    kandi beads

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    Step 2: Drive the nearest bead to the knotted string and thread it through. Grab an orange bead and string it on the wristband. The orange bead will push down the near red bead, which makes a zig-zag pattern. Go to the next red bead, and then string another orange bead on the bracelet.

    kandi bracelets ideas

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    Step 3: Keep adding the orange beads. They will interchange with the red beads like bricks. The wristband will begin to form a flower, but it will even out when you make rows later. Keep going until you string all 15 beads, then tie a knot firmly.

    how to tie kandi bracelets

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    Step 4: Thread the yellow beads. Don't forget to tie a knot and adjust the stiffness on the edge of the line. At this point, the bracelet should form the right silhouette, making the process easier.

    how to make rave kandi

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    Step 5: Keep adding lines of colored beads in the right order for your design. Double check each row before tying a knot to make sure you have not made errors while you are creating the pattern. Your last line will be a double row of violet beads.

    rave kandi cuff

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    Step 6: Thread the cord into the last two rows of beads and tie a knot. Tuck the excess strings or cut them off, then stretch the wristband out to test the knots.

    Your cuff is complete! You may add more lines to your Kandy or Rave bracelet for a striking look.