• How to Make a Leather Bracelet

    A leather bracelet is one of the oldest accessories on the market, as it has been around for centuries. However, its history is quite difficult to follow, but according to pieces of evidence, ancient men wore them to signify their statuses, duties, and allegiance.

    Nowadays, however, people, particularly men, wear it as a fashion accessory. They wear this wristband, as it boosts the man’s masculinity, but women also have this bangle. Designers and crafters only need to put some studs to make the accessory more suitable for women.

    But this article will teach you how to create a leather wristband for men. Listed below are the things you need for this project:

    • Glue
    • Leather Strips
    • Needle
    • Button Snap or Clasp
    leather bracelet materials
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    Step One: Measuring Your Wrist and Cutting the Leather

    Measure your wrist using the leather material and cut it according to your size.

    how to make leather cuff bracelets

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    Step Two: Connecting the Leather Strips


    Affix the shorter leather strap to the longer, tooled piece with glue. Press the leather with your fingers to flatten the surface and remove any wrinkles. Let it dry overnight. Cut off the edges of the longer piece to make it the same as the size of the first strap.

    how to make leather strap bracelets

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    Step Three: Stitching the Bracelet

    Stitch the ends of the wristband together with a waxed linen string and a needle leather. Use the needle and thread to secure the clasp to one end. You can also apply some glue to the tip of the strap if you do not want to stitch the clasp.

    how to make leather bracelets with snaps

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    You are now ready to rock your new bangle. As you can see, making a leather wristband is simple. You only need a few minutes to stitch and cut the leather. The hardest part is waiting for the glue to dry. Nevertheless, it will be worth it once you finish your handmade leather bracelet.