• How to Make a Leather Cord Bracelet

    The leather cord bracelet is popular with both girls and boys. It is comfortable to wear, and the design can be adjusted by adding a chain to one of the tips of the bracelet. You can also put a pendant or a charm or leave it as it is.

    This post will teach you how to create a simple knotted leather cord bracelet. So, prepare your materials and let’s get started!

    Supplies Needed for Making a Leather Cord Bracelet

    • Ceramic Rose Garden Bundle
    • Ebony Wood Freeform Square (8-12 mm.)
    • Metallic Round Leather Cord (2 mm.)
    • Faceted Barrel (7x8 mm.)
    • Gunmetal Twisted Spacer (2x10 mm.)

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    how to make a bracelet with leather cord and beads

    Image Credit: limabeads.com

    Step 1: Start by measuring the cord and picking your beads. Cut at least 40 inches of leather since you will have to make knots and a loop with it. The knots can take up four inches of the leather whereas the loop can consume eight inches of the cord. The remaining length will be used for your wrist.

    how to make your own leather bracelet

    Image Credit: limabeads.com

    Step 2: Attach the button to the leather loop, as this will serve as the clasp for your bracelet. Thread the button onto the loop end, and then tie an overhand knot to secure the button. Be sure to pull the nub down to your chosen spot to tighten the bond. Do not pull the ends when tightening the knot, as it can snap the leather.

    DIY leather bracelet

    Image Credit: limabeads.com

    Step 3: Thread the beads you have picked. If you see some “tough cookies,” it could be the outcome of the bead’s shack, narrowing at one end or another. This scenario can make the project a bit challenging, but you can still remove those “tough cookies.” Carefully pull down the bead to prevent the bead’s hole from tapering the cord.

    Cut the tip of the cord diagonally so that it can serve as the needle’s point while threading. Make an overhand knot after each bead to keep them in place and show off the leather you are using.

    how to make leather bracelet with charms

    Image Credit: limabeads.com

    Step 4: Tie the loop ends together to close the bracelet. Wear it around your wrist to check if it fits comfortably, and then tie an overhand knot to make a loop lock.

    Check if the looped end fits the clasp button before fully securing the knot. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to close the bangle, which could lead to losing your bracelet. Cut off the ends if you are happy with the design or do not cut it if you want to add some embellishments.

    If so, bring the extra cord to the end of the loop and tie a piece of silk ribbon with an overhand knot. Give it an extra “oomph” by putting gunmetal and silver pieces in the loop. Take another spiral spacer, place it at the loop end, and then tie it with an overhand knot.

    Don’t forget to apply some adhesive to each knot to extend its lifetime and to give you peace-of-mind.

    Your new bangle is finished! Wear your handmade leather cord bracelet with pride or give it as a gift to your friends and family who love bangles and bracelets.