• How to Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet

    The leather cuff bracelet is one of the simplest DIY accessories you can make, as it only takes minutes to finish this project. Though the leather cuff screams a manly vibe because of its appearance, women can also wear this accessory. All you need to do is add some gleaming jewels and designs to make it more gender appropriate.

    This post will teach you how to create a leather cuff bracelet from an old belt. So, get your materials, and let’s start working!

    Things Needed to Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet

    You will need the following materials for this project:

    • Rotary Hole Punch
    • Anvil and Setter (with Snap Fastener Button Kits)
    • Scissors
    • Snap Fasteners Buttons (you can grab them at any craft store)
    • Hammer or Mallet
    • Leather Belt
    • Any Smooth, Solid Surface Where You Can Beat the Bracelet
    leather cuff bracelet supplies
    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    Here’s what you need to do when making a cuff bangle made of an old belt:

    Step 1: Measure the Size of Your Wrist

    Wrap the belt around your wrist and make sure it fits comfortably. Add one-and-a-half (1 ½) to three (3) inches to the actual size of your wrist circumference. Cut the belt when you are happy with the bangle’s measurement.

    how to make leather cuff bracelets from old belts

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Step 2: Put Holes on the Bracelet

    Punch holes above and under the leather belt. For the upper side of the wristband, turn the belt right side up and move up a half an inch, then punch out a hole with a small puncher.  But before doing so, make sure the snap fits into the hole. Slide one of the snaps through it to check if it fits. Move up an inch if it does not fit.

    For the bottom part, wrap the bracelet around your wrist again after adding holes into the belt. Mark the spot where you want to place the bottom snap and punch out a hole.

    how to make leather strap bracelets

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Step 3: Place Outer Snaps On

    Push the upper snap through the top portion of the belt, then slide it using the print. Turn it around and attach the bottom piece. The belt will be in the center, while the bottom snap will be on the other side of the belt. Place it over the anvil where you will hammer the snaps.

    recycled leather belt bracelets

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Step 4: Put the Second Set of Snaps

    The second set of snaps should be on the other side of the first set. The snap with a point should be at the bottom part of the bracelet; then, the other snap should be onto the right side of the belt. The anvil, on the other hand, should be beneath the bottom scoop side up.

    make a leather wristband

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Step 5: Beat the Snaps

    You are now ready to set the snaps. Perhaps you are wondering how the snaps are going to stay in place if they are too big. The snaps will fit in comfortably after hitting them into the holes.

    Find any smooth yet solid surface and place a towel on top of it to avoid scratching the buttons. Put the anvil on the workspace scoop side up. Place the top end of the round button on top of the anvil, and the setter point into the hole. Beat the hole with a few solid hits.

    If the snaps are unstable, you may need to hit them more because you want them to fit in perfectly. Repeat the process on the other side.

    leather bracelet tutorial

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Your handmade bangle is now complete! So, do not throw away your old belts and turn them into something useful. Surely, your handcrafted leather cuff bracelet will rock your outfit.