• How to Make a Leather Wrapped Bracelet

    Need a last-minute present for your loved one? Why not create a leather wrapped bracelet? This accessory is easy to make that even a novice crafter can produce this jewel.

    But before you start this project, you need to prepare your materials. Listed below are the supplies required for making this bangle:

    • 24 to 52 inches of round leather cord
    • One to two cards of silk beading cord with a size-two needle attached to the cord
    • Twisted-wire beading needle
    • One to two pieces of 16-inch strands
    • Four to six millimeters of large-hole beads
    • Diagonal wire cutters
    • 15 to 30 mm. button with shank
    • GS hypo cement

    Now that you have the materials with you, you are ready to start making the bracelet.

    How to Create a Leather Wrapped Bangle

    1. Cut a 24-inch piece of leather and put the button in the center of the cord. Make an overhand knot beside the button with both ends.

    beaded leather wrap bracelet tutorial

    Image Credit: facetjewelry.com

    2. Thread the twisted-wire beading needle at the end of the silk strap without the attached needle. Put a bead in the middle of the silk cord and move the threaded bead in the center of the leather straps near the button. Take both sides of the silk cord around the leather and up to the middle. Thread each tip of the silk cord into the bead in opposite directions to anchor the bead.

    making leather bracelets

    Image Credit: facetjewelry.com

    3. Wrap the ends of the silk cord around the leather and bring them through the center again. Thread the silk cord in reverse directions into the next bead. Pull the tips of the silk cord to secure it.

    leather cord wrap bracelet

    Image Credit: facetjewelry.com

    4. Keep threading until you reach within three inches of your desired length. Thread the silk cord into the last bead and make two to three surgeon’s knots to anchor the bead. Apply glue to the nubs and cut off the extra silk cord.

    beaded leather wrap bracelet tutorial

    Image Credit: facetjewelry.com

    5. Make an overhand knot beside the last bead using the tips of the leather cord. Tie another nub to make a loop for the button, and then cut the excess leather. Voila! Your accessory is complete.

    how to make your own leather bracelet

    Image Credit: facetjewelry.com

    Making a leather wrapped bracelet is simple, so why not get your hands busy and give this DIY project a try?