• How to Make a Macramé Bracelet

    People who grew up near the beaches knew how to knot a macramé bracelet. Crafters used the simple square knot technique to create the pattern of this accessory. Though nowadays, many people use hemp and wooden beads to update its appearance.

    This post, however, will teach you how to create a macramé wristband using the following materials:

    macrame bracelet materials

    Image Credit: honestlywtf.com

    • Embroidery Needle
    • Connector or Charm
    • Scissors
    • Chinese Knotting Cord (4 Yards)
    • Lighter (Optional)
    • Flat Nose Pliers (Optional)

    Steps for Making a Macramé Bracelet

    Listed below are the steps to follow when creating a macramé band:

    Step 1: Cut the Cord

    how to make macrame bracelets step by step

    Image Credit: honestlywtf.com

    Begin the process by cutting the knotting cord into multiple strands. You need to have one 10-inch string, two 20-inch strands, and two 30-inch twines. Fold the 20-inch fiber in half, then pull the coil into the loop. Fold it onto the ring and drag the remaining parts of the cord into the hole. Do the same thing on the opposite side of the coil to anchor and keep the strings in place.

    Step 2: Create a Square Knot

    how to make a macrame bracelet step by step

    Image Credit: honestlywtf.com

    Place a 30-inch cord beneath the two middle twines. Fold the right-hand strand onto the middle strings and under the left cord. Pull the left-hand twine beneath the right and middle cords and into the coil on the right. Pull the knot tight and push it up to the top.

    Step 3: Tie Another Knot on the Opposite String

    macrame bracelet tutorial

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    End the second part of the square knot by overlapping the left string onto the middle twines and underneath the right strand. Pull the left-hand cord beneath the right and center cords and into the loop on the left.

    Step 4: Continue the Pattern

    macrame bracelet tutorial for beginners

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    Pull the knot tight and repeat the above steps alternately. Keep knotting until you reach your desired length. Remember that the hook will take up half an inch of the bracelet.

    Step 5: Finish the Knots

    macrame bracelet patterns

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    String one of the strands onto an embroidery needle and stitch up the middle of three to four knots at the back. Then, pull the needle into the tight knots with pliers. Do the same thing on the opposite side.

    Step 6: End the Stitch

    macrame school bracelets

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    Trim off any excess strands after stitching up both cords. Save the cut pieces and seal the end of the twine with a lighter. Do the same thing on the other half of the bracelet.

    Step 7: Make an Adjustable Closure

    how to make a macrame bracelet adjustable

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    Form a circle using the wristband and fold the middle strings. Use the cut pieces to tie the ends of the strands together temporarily. Get a ten-inch cord and place it under the tied twines, then start making square knots.

    Stop knotting when its length is around half an inch. Stitch the knotting cords behind the closure, then remove the tie.

    The two middle strings are now the sliding closure of the macramé bracelet. Adjust the measurement according to the size of your wrist and tie both ends together. Trim off any excess strands.

    You are now ready to rock your finished wristband. Create more macramé bands and wear them around your wrist to create a hippie vibe. Alternatively, make a macramé bracelet with your children or your friends and turn this project into a fun bonding experience!