• How to Make a Parachute Cord Bracelet

    We have already discussed the two common patterns of a parachute cord bracelet, which are the cobra weave and the fishtail braid techniques. This time, we will be focusing on another design: the thin line survival wristband.

    The thin line paracord bracelet is popular with firemen, police, and EMTs. This design adds style to their look and can indicate the team’s effort. They also have stainless buckles, which add to the wristband’s appeal.

    How the Bracelet Is Made

    slim paracord bracelet

    Image Credit: wanelo.co

    The thin line paracord wristband is created using the cobra weave technique and uses two colors. You need to weave the cord from top to bottom until you use the last strand of the royal blue cord. You can also create this pattern with or without a buckle, depending on your choice.

    Steps for Making a Thin Line Paracord Bracelet

    law enforcement paracord bracelet

    Image Credit: YouTube.com

    Now that you know how the wristband looks like, you are ready to make this multipurpose accessory.

    To start off, you need to cut a ten-inch piece of cord and burn one tip of the paracord to prevent it from fraying. Coil the string into the buckle or shackle and tie a knot to secure it. Start braiding the pattern until you reach the other end. Burn the tips of the cord and press them together to stick them in place.

    Voila! You are ready to rock your new bracelet. What are you waiting for? Give it a try and wear your new wristband with pride.