• How to Make a Paracord Bracelet

    Paracord is one of the must-have tools when going on a quest. It has a range of uses for both daily and wilderness situations.

    Handcrafted survival wristbands are excellent gifts for loved ones who enjoy outdoor activities. Not only is it useful for them, but you can also customize the bracelet’s look.

    This tutorial will teach you how to make a paracord bracelet using the cobra weave technique. Once you know the basics, you can decorate your wristband and give it to your adventurous friends and family members.


    • Tape Measure or Ruler
    • Side Release Buckle
    • Scissors
    • 10 ft. of paracord
    • Lighter
    Paracord Bracelet Supplies
    Image Credit: survivallife.com

    Directions for Creating a Paracord Wristband

    First Step: Cut the ten-foot paracord to your chosen length and seal the tips with a lighter. You do not want to deal with an exposed tip while making this band.

    how to make a paracord bracelet cobra weave

    Image Credit: survivallife.com

    Measure the size of your wrist by wrapping the strap around it.

    how to measure wrist size for bracelets

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    Place the paracord next to the tape measure or ruler to find out how long the wristband should be.

    how to measure your wrist for a bangle

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    Second Step: Attach the male buckle to the string. Fold the cord in half and pull the tips into the bottom hole of the clasp. 

    Pull the ends into the loop made by your paracord string.

    how to make a paracord bracelet with buckle

    Image Credit: survivallife.com

    Keep pulling until you secure the cord around the buckle.

    how to make a cobra paracord bracelet with buckle

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    Third Step: Work on the other end of the clasp. Pull the cord through the buckle slot. Lay it beside the measuring tool and slide the buckle sideways until you are happy with its length. Be sure to include the male and female buckles when measuring the bracelet.

    how to measure a bracelet

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    Fourth Step: Start making a knot from the clasp you just threaded. Get the left string and pull it beneath the middle straps and onto the right cord.

     paracord bracelet patterns

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    Pull the right string onto the center cords.

    how to make a paracord bracelet step by step

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    Pull the same string onto, underneath, and into the left piece.

    how to make a paracord bracelet with two colors

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    Pull both sides outward to secure the knot.

    paracord cobra weave 2 color

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    Fifth Step: Keep going until you reach the other end. You can tell if you forgot to alternate the strands because the bracelet will rotate. If so, undo the previous knot and continue.

    how to make a simple paracord bracelet

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    Sixth Step: Cut the ends of the excess cord to around half an inch or so when you complete the pattern. Burn the tips and press them to the cord to stick both ends in place. Use the bottom part of the lighter when pressing the edges to prevent blisters.

    how to make a cobra paracord bracelet

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    Your paracord bracelet is now complete! Wear this wristband or give it to your family and friends. Having this valuable bracelet will help your loved ones immensely whenever they get stuck in emergency and survival situations.