• How to Make a Ribbon Bracelet

    If you are looking for a pretty and simple accessory to make, then you are in the right place! These ribbon bracelets are cheap, easy to customize, and can be used in different ways. Moreover, anyone can make a ribbon bracelet regardless of his or her expertise and age.

    Required Materials to Make a Ribbon Bracelet

    There are many tools used in this project, but they are worth investing! You can use these materials again if you want to make more DIY accessories.

    supplies to make a ribbon bracelet

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    • Small Stretchy Hair Tie
    • Buttons
    • Gluestick and Glue Gun
    • Scissors
    • Thread and Needle
    • Ribbon

    Ribbon Bracelet Instructions

    Start by choosing and specifying the length you need for your bracelet. Wrap the ribbon around your wrist as many times as you like, then add about two inches to that size. The additional length is for the doubling and binding of the band.

    how to measure your wrist with a string

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    Cut the ribbon according to your length and apply Fray Check on both sides. Doing so will keep the lace from fraying as you work. Your wristband will also look nice after completing the project.

    ribbon bracelet DIY

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    Use a sewing machine or a needle and thread to secure the ends, but you can also use glue to finish the bracelet faster. Fold over one side of the ribbon about a quarter of an inch and apply hot glue or stitch it in place. Fold another quarter of an inch and secure it.

    how to make easy friendship bracelets with ribbon

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    Do the same thing on the opposite side, then slide the stretchy hair tie onto the ribbon. Fold lace over the hair tie and secure it in place by stitching or applying hot glue.

    how to make friendship bands with satin ribbon

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    Grab a button, as this will serve as the ribbon bracelet clasp. You can use two buttons if you like, as they add color and style to the bracelet. All you have to do is to stitch or glue them together before attaching them to one of the bracelet ribbon ends.

    ribbon wrap bracelet button

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    Alternatively, you can use a toggle clasp or a lobster clasp. These hooks let you close the bracelet effortlessly.

    Attach the button to the ribbon at the other end. That way, you can slip the snap into the tie as you close the band.

    Wrap your finished ribbon bracelet around your wrist and wear it with pride! You can also make more ribbon bracelets and invite your kids or friends to join you but be warned! This handcraft project can be very addictive.