• How to Make a Rubber Band Bracelet

    A rubber band bracelet is an accessory that people wear on their wrists or ankles. They are widely available in cosmetic and street accessory shops and can be done on your own. Rubber band bracelets come in various shapes, but the most in-demand pattern is the round bracelet.

    Making rubber band bangles is easy. In fact, you can make this accessory without using a loom board. You just need to do the following tips:

    Step 1: Prepare the Materials

    rubber band materials

    image credit: instructables.com

    Get your materials before starting the project. You will need an S- or C-hook, 40 rubber bands (20 for each color you choose), and of course, your fingers.

    Step 2: Put the First Band on Your Finger

    rubber ban on fingers

    image credit: instructables.com

    Get a rubber band and place it on your index finger. Stretch and twist the band, then put on your middle finger.

    Step 3: Add More Bands to Your Fingers

     elastic bands on fingers

    image credit:instructables.com

    Put two more rubber bands of different colors on top of the first band, but do not flip them over.

    Step 4: Start Creating a Fishtail Pattern

     fishtail bracelet pattern

    image credit:instructables.com

    Take the first band and move the part that is on the index finger to the middle. Repeat the process until you use all of your rubber bands, or the bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist.

    Step 5: Attaching the Hook

    Picture of Finishing It Up

    image credit:instructables.com

    Move the bottom band to the middle once you use all the rubber bands. Then, move both parts of the last band left onto one of the fingers. Place the hook on and connect this part to the other side. Voila! You are done.

    Rubber band bracelets are simple to make. Furthermore, they offer psychological benefits to children. Encourage your kids to make this DIY bracelet and take this opportunity to bond with them!