• How to Make a Sailors Bracelet

    The heat is on, and the sleeves are getting short, which means it is time to refresh your look for this season.

    We have taught you how to make a stacking bracelet in our previous post, which you could wear with your summer outfits. This time, we will show you how to create a sailors bracelet. This piece of handmade jewelry has been part of many sailors' odyssey. It embodies the sailor's tradition, function, and survival in the sea.

    By creating a nautical knot wristband, you do not have to spend much money to get this accessory. Additionally, you will no longer feel left out because you have this bangle around your wrist.

    Required Materials to Make a Sailors Bracelet

    supplies needed to make a sailors bracelet

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    You will need the following materials to create a sailor's knot bracelet:

    • Any Round Object
    • Cotton Twine
    • Fray Check or Clear Nail Polish
    • Scissors

    Sailor's Knot Bracelet Instructions

    Here's what you should do when making a sailor's knot bracelet:

    Step 1

    nautical knot bracelet diy

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    Cut three yards of cotton twine and wrap it around your rounded object, creating an "X" pattern. Leave at least five inches because this is where you will tie the ends of the wristband later.

    Step 2

    sailor rope bracelet diy

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    Use the longer cord and wrap it around the round object. Weave it onto the bottom right twine, beneath the top right piece, and above the upper left rope.

    Step 3

    sailor bracelet

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    Pull the longer string back into the loop made in the middle to the right.

    Step 4

    how to make a sailor bracelet with 3 strings

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    Turn the circular object a smidge to see another "X" design. Push the longer twine beneath the top right part of it and pull the end over.

    Step 5
    how to make nautical rope bracelets

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    Repeat the entire process until you return to your starting point, having a completed weave with three cords.

    Step 6

    nautical paracord bracelet

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    Get the longer rope and follow the first string, braiding in and out, all the way to the starting point. Repeat this step twice to create a braid with three strands.

    Step 7

    make braided rope bracelet

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    Cut off the excess string and tie both ends together twice on the inside of the bracelet.

    Step 8

    nautical knot bracelet diy

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    Apply Fray Check or clear nail polish to the tips to stop them from fraying, then braid them back to the flow of the wristband.

    There you have it! You are ready to wear the sailors bracelet and rock the boat. As an additional bonus, you can talk about tying a sailing knot like a real sailor.