• How to Make a Survivor Bracelet

    Survivor bracelets, otherwise known as paracord and 550 cord wristbands, have become popular for many years due to several good reasons. For one, these bands are handy. You can wear it around your wrist or keep it in your safety kits. Secondly, they are extremely durable. It takes much effort to damage this tool, which is why many accessories, including bracelets, are made of this material.

    There are several ways to make a survivor bracelet. One of these methods is the cobra weave technique, which we discussed in our previous post. This time, we will teach you another pattern you can try: the fishtail survival wristband.

    So, grab your materials, and let’s get started!

    What You Will Need for This Project

    • Tape Measure/Ruler
    • Lighter
    • Side Release Buckle
    • Paracord (12 feet)
    • Scissors
    supplies needed to make paracord bracelets
    Image Credit: paravival.com

    Steps to Follow When Making a Paracord Wristband

    Here’s what you need to do when creating a survivor bracelet:

    Step 1: Get 12 feet of paracord to produce a 9.5-inch wristband.

    how to make a survival bracelet with two colors

    Image Credit: YouTube.com

    Step 2: Melt the two ends of the cord with a lighter to seal them. Otherwise, you will be dealing with frayed tips as you weave the pattern. Use clips or the bottom part of the lighter and press the ends after sealing them.

    how to make a fishtail paracord bracelet

    Image Credit: survival-mastery.com

    Step 3: Get the side buckle and string the paracord through both tips. Try to keep the cord straight while threading the buckle. It tends to twist as you thread the wristband and tie knots. Thus, you need to use your hand to uncurl the paracord and try to correct it.

    how to make a survival bracelet step by step

    Image Credit: YouTube.com

    Step 4: Make a knot at one end of the buckle, and then start tying the second nub when you are done with the first one. String the knotted ends into the tip of the first buckle. It will give you two parallel cords between the two buckles. Repeat the process and create two more parallel cords to have a total of six paracords between the buckles: two pairs above and one pair below. Once you loop all the paracord strings into the ends of the buckles, you are ready to weave the cord.

    paracord bracelet tutorial

    Image Credit: survival-mastery.com

    Step 5: Before starting the braiding process, make sure the free cords are over the buckle. Otherwise, you need to turn the buckle ends to move the paracords to the top. Start weaving the string from top to bottom.

    how to make a paracord bracelet with buckle

    Image Credit: survival-mastery.com

    Step 6: Get the right-hand string and loop it between each of three parallel paracords. Pull the free cord to the left and adjust any twists with your other hand. Pull it hard to secure the intersection, and then take the left-hand string and repeat the process. Loop the cord into the center of the vertical ropes and pull it to the right, then tighten the intersection.

    how to make a paracord bracelet

    Image Credit: survival-mastery.com

    Step 7: Keep going until you reach the other side of the bracelet. When you are at the end of the survivor bracelet, pull the two cords into the last horizontal knot after making the first paracord attachment. Doing so will secure the weave and prevent the wristband from unraveling itself. Use a clipper to pull the cords, cut the ends of the tight knots, and burn the tips to seal them.

    simple paracord bracelet

    Image Credit: YouTube.com

    Your survivor bracelet is complete! Keep practicing until you can make the pattern perfect. You can also try other designs when you know how to tie knots and make different weaving techniques.