• How to Make a Triple Wrapped Bracelet

    There are various types of jewel accessories on the market, and one of those trinkets is a wrapped bracelet. It looks like a bangle but is more comfortable to wear. Additionally, you can wear it in different ways because of its length. You can wear it as an anklet or as a necklace aside from its primary purpose.

    Unfortunately, wrapped armlets are a bit expensive, but you do not have to spend much money. A couple of bucks is enough to have this bracelet. All you need to do is learn how to make a wrapped accessory, particularly a triple wrapped bracelet.

    Steps to Follow When Making a Triple Wrapped Armlet

    Here’s what you need to do when creating a triple wrapped bracelet:

    1. Preparing the Materials

    supplies to make wrap bracelets

    Image Credit: consumercrafts.com

    To start off, you need to get the following supplies:

    • Beads – Use 4 mm. of glass beads. You can get it from the craft stores near you. These shops offer different kinds of beads. Buy beads that suit your taste and match the color of the cord.
    • Leather Cord – You need to specify how many times you will wrap the bracelet around your wrist when getting a leather cord. Measure the length, double its size, and add four inches for the loops. Because we are going to make a triple wrapped bracelet, you will need 54 inches of cord.
    • Nylon thread
    • Button – Get a button with loops at the back, as they work best for this project.
    • Beading Needle – You can use a separated or traditional eye style, depending on the size of the beads and the width of the thread.

    2. Getting Started

    triple wrap bracelet instructions

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Cut the cord and fold it in half with a button edged through the middle point.

    You are now ready to put on some beads. Make an eight (8) figure on both sides of the cord and beads. Start inserting a bead a few millimeters away from the button to reduce friction. Wrap the nylon thread several times to secure the first bead.

    Make a knot and then start moving on to the next step. You can remove the loose string when you are almost finished with the bracelet.

    3. Doing the Basic Stitch

    how to make multi wrap bracelet

    Image Credit: consumercrafts.com

    This part may seem tricky, but you can finish it quickly. To do this task, you need to add a bead, wrap one part of the cord, return through the same bead, and wrap the other side of the cord. Repeat this process until you reach your desired length.

    4. Finishing the Bracelet

    beaded leather wrap bracelet tutorial

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Run the string through the last bead a few times once you reach your chosen measurement, and then tie it. Run any loose pieces onto some beads to clean them up. Apply clear nail polish to the knots to add shine, but this is optional.

    Tie your cord and add some settings for flexibility. It would be useful if you want to wear it as an anklet or as a necklace, and the sizing requires more space for comfort. Make an opening between the knots a bit bigger than the size of the button so that it fits and is not hard to open and close.

    There you have it! Wear your DIY triple wrapped bracelet and let everyone admire your creation.