• How to Make a Wish Bracelet

    A wish bracelet is a DIY project made of beads and hemp. It breaks easily, and the beads fall off one-by-one. You might ask, “Why would I make a wristband that breaks quickly?” There is a reason why it is created in that way, and that is its “power” of fulfilling your wishes; hence, the name. You have to make a wish while wearing the band. If all the beads fall off, your wish will be granted.

    Steps for Making a Wish Bracelet

    Listed below are the tips to follow when creating a wish wristband:

    Step One: Gather Your Materials

    supplies needed to make a wish bracelet

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    You have to get all the necessary tools and supplies before you start making this “enchanted” accessory. You will need:

    • Scissors
    • Seed Beads (size 6/0)
    • Clipboard or Tape
    • Hemp Strand

    Step Two: Cut the Hemp

    wish bracelet instructions

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    Cut three pieces of hemp strings based on your wrist or ankle circumference. Add at least 15 inches to the actual size to make sure it fits around your wrist or ankle perfectly and have enough strand for the pattern. However, if you are making the bracelet for your kids, you will need to add less than 15 inches to their real wrist or ankle circumferences.

    Step Three: Tie One End of the Bracelet

    how to tie a wish bracelet

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    Hold one end of the wristband and tie an overhand knot. Leave at least two inches, as it will serve as the bracelet’s lock.

    Step Four: Braid the Twine

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    Secure the knotted tip of the strand by tucking it under a clip on your clipboard or sticking it to any solid surface with a tape. Braid the string approximately two-and-a-half (2 ½) inches.

    Step Five: Start Adding Beads

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    Begin adding beads when you reach the two-and-a-half-inch length. Grab the right-hand twine and take a bead. Loop the bead into the strand and move it until it reaches the end of the weave.

    Step Six: Do the Same with the Next String

    how to make a wish bracelet from string

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    Take another hemp twine on the right and string another bead onto it, then weave it through the wristband. At this point, you should have two braided beads in the middle of the hemp twines.

    Step Seven: Keep Adding Beads

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    Add seven beads or more to the bracelet. Some advocates put seven beads because “7” is considered a lucky number, but you can add more if you like. Don’t forget to braid the string every time you thread a new bead.

    Step Eight: Keep Braiding

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    Continue weaving the hemp twines together once you are happy with the number of beads you have looped. Keep braiding until you are about two inches away from the end of the wish bracelet.

    Step Nine: Tie Another Overhand Knot

    how to tie a wish bracelet

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    Tie another knot when you reach the end of the wristband. To do this, you need to cross the hemp tip to other twines, creating a Q-shape. Loop the end of the strand into the coil and pull it tight.

    You are ready to wear your new wristband and make a wish! Wrap it around your wrist and make a wish while tying the two ends together. Superstition claims that if the beads of your wish bracelet fall off, your wish will be fulfilled.