• How to Make a Yarn Bracelet

    A yarn bracelet is one of the common handcrafted accessories. This charm does not require much experience. You just need to have your materials ready to start the project.

    In this post, you will learn how to make a wristband out of yarn, but first, you need to know its types.

    Kinds of Yarn Bracelets

    There are five types of yarn wristbands, and these are the wrapped bangle, wrapped and braided bracelet, knotted friendship bracelet, glittering knit bracelet, and sparkle crochet wristband. Let’s discuss each kind one-by-one.

    1. Wrapped Bangle Bracelets – This wristband is made of recycled materials, such as plastic bands and old mailing tubes. Cover the tube or plastic bangle with sparkling yarn to make your accessory look fancy. Do this activity with your children and use this opportunity to bond with them.

    wrapped bangle

    Image Credit: lionbrand.com

    2. Wrapped & Braided Bracelets – This kind is a perfect accessory for children because of its cute look. You will need a yarn, glue, and a foam ball to create this soft bracelet. Wrap the yarn into your foam ball to decorate the bangle.

    wrapped and braided bangle

    Image Credit: lionbrand.com

    3. Knotted Friendship Bracelets – You might have created friendship bangles with embroidered threads or knotted cords and gave them to your friends when you were a kid. Relieve those moments and pass your skills to your children. It will be a great bonding experience for you and your kids.

    friendship bracelet

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    4. Glittering Knit Bracelets – This cable-knit yarn wristband is a trendy project for you and your friends. Practice your wiring skills and make these bands in several colors, and then give them to your pals.

    glittering knit bracelet

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    5. Sparkle Crochet Bracelets – This five-star bangle pattern is quick and simple to make that even a novice crocheter can create this accessory. Make these yarn bracelets in different shades and give them as thank you gifts to your guests.

    sparkle crochet yarn bracelet

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    How to Make a Bracelet out of Yarn

    Creating a yarn bracelet is easy. You just need to do the following tips:

    Step 1: Getting Ready

    how to make friendship bracelets for beginners

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    You need medium yarns for this project. From there, pick three colors of yarns. You can choose any color combination you like. In this tutorial, however, we will use purple, blue, and pink.

    Step 2: Trimming

     how to make easy friendship bracelets step by step

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    Get a string of yarn and cut a 140 cm. strip. Make sure all yarns are of equal size. You can use a tape measure to make sure the length of the strings is the same.

    Step 3: Tying

    how to make friendship bracelets step by step

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    Fold the yarns in half, then make a knot. You can use a safety pin or a tape to keep the yarn steady. Insert the pin into the loop and attach it to a solid surface. Otherwise, tape the knotted part of the yarn to a book for stability.

    Step 4: Making a Pattern

    friendship bracelets patterns

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    Once you ensure its steadiness, you need to spread out the strings. Arrange them in your chosen pattern. In our case, we will position them in blue, pink, purple, blue, pink, purple pattern.

    Step 5: Weaving

    Take the outermost yarn and the one next to it and create a four-figure. Make a straight line using the second thread and an angled shaped line with the outermost string.

    how to make bracelets at home with thread

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Step 6: Creating a Knot

    Pull the first thread under the second yarn to make a knot. Repeat the process and use the third string.

    DIY friendship bracelets

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    Step 7: Repeating the Procedure

    Keep going until all strips reach the last thread. Repeat step numbers five and six until the yarn bracelet is long enough for your wrist.

    how to make a friendship bracelet with 6 strings

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Step 8: Finishing

    Tie a knot with all your strings and cut them off except for the last one when you are done. Repeat the same procedure at the top edge. Tie the excess strings together to wear the yarn bracelet.

    how to make bracelets at home step by step with pictures

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Congratulations! You now have your yarn bracelet. We hope you find this tutorial blog helpful. Check out our other blogs to learn more tips for making DIY wristbands.