• How to Make an Adjustable Bracelet

    An adjustable bracelet is an excellent DIY gift for a man for Father's Day, his birthday, or any other special occasion. Its instructions are simple to follow and can be used for making a wristband or necklace. Additionally, women can have and wear this handcrafted jewelry. All you have to do is change the materials to make it more suitable for women.

    What You Will Need for This Project

    One of the good things about the handmade adjustable bracelet is that you only need the essential supplies and tools to make this accessory. Listed below are the necessary materials for this project:

    • Glue
    • Floater Bead
    • Thin Leather (2.5 feet)
    • Crimps (3x3 mm. - Optional)
    • Crimp Covers (5 mm. - Optional)

    Steps for Making an Adjustable Wristband

    1. To start off, you need to get a sterling silver floater bead and thread it through your leather, and then push it toward the middle of the cord.

    how to make a sliding knot bracelet with beads

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    2. Form a circle using the leather strap and use your wrist circumference as the base of the bracelet size. This will leave you much leather on both sides of the wristband.

    bracelet knots instructions

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    3. Press the leather with your pointing finger and thumb and create three wraps around the band with one of the "tails." The appearance should be like tunnels with the leather passing into it.

    single sliding knot bracelet

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    4. Gently pull your finger out of the "tunnels," holding the coil so that they do not collapse.

    sliding knot friendship bracelet

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    5. Take the tail end around to the start of the wrap and loop it towards all the tunnels. Do it cautiously and hold the three wraps. That way, they do not fall into each other.

    how to make a sliding knot with one string

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    6. Adjust the tightness until all the shafts lay flat on the wristband. You may need to wiggle, loosen, and re-tighten the bracelet to get a perfect tension. Keep doing it until all the wraps are laid together, forming the first slide knot.

    how to tie a sliding knot with one string

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    7. Repeat the process on the other side to make a second slide knot. You now have two options. You can stick the knotted ends with glue to finish the bracelet or attach crimps to the tips.

    If you choose adhesives, you need to apply it to the outer part of the knots. Make sure not to let the paste enter the knots. Otherwise, they will stick to the inner portion of the leather, making it impossible to adjust the bracelet's size. Trim off any excess leather once the glue dries.

    If you choose to add crimps to your bracelet tips, you need to check if you can slide the knots easily. Attach a 3x3 crimp to one end of the wristband. Place it near the knot to prevent it from loosening. Cut off excess leather and repeat the process on the other side. You may add cover crimps to add some flare to it.

    how to make a sliding knot bracelet

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    Your wristband is complete! You are ready to wear your handcrafted adjustable bracelet and match it with your outfit.