• How to Make Boho Bracelets

    Do you want to have a Bohemian-inspired trinket? Here is a fun craft for you! This post will teach you how to make boho bracelets.

    Boho-style bracelets are an excellent addition to any wardrobe as they add a wow factor to any look. Furthermore, they can be a great party gift idea for a bachelorette party and a beach wedding.

    Supplies Needed to Make Boho Bracelets

    Here are the required materials to make boho bracelets with beads:

    • Two Jump Rings (6 mm.)
    • Two End Caps Big Enough to Fit Your Cording
    • Lobster Claw Clasp (12 mm.)
    • Cording
    • Two Mini Tassels (Optional)
    • Pliers
    • Thin Gold Wire (Optional)
    • Teal Rondelle Wood Beads (4 mm.)
    • Thread
    • Brass Hematite Beads (4 mm.)
    • Needle
    • Small Brass Ethiopian Beads (2-3 mm.)
    • Glue

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    Follow these steps for making DIY boho beaded bracelets:

    Step 1: Start by cutting a 36-inch piece of thread. Knot one end of the strand and string the needle. Keep the thread from getting tangled as you work.

    Step 2: Cut a piece of cord to seven inches. Note that you need to cut the cording a bit longer if you have a big wrist. Add half an inch to the length to provide space for the jump rings, end caps, and lobster clasp.

    Step 3: Get the needle and stitch up through the middle of the cord and toward the edge.

    how to make a boho bracelet with beads

    Image Credit: artzycreations.com

    Step 4: Start making the pattern with beads. It is up to you which one you will loop first.

    Step 5: Leave uniform space between the bead sets as you sew and form the pattern.

    diy boho beaded bracelets

    Image Credit: artzycreations.com

    Step 6: Keep beading until you put beads to the entire side, then do the same thing at the opposite end. Don't forget to leave the same amount of space between each bead.

    how to make boho hippie bracelets

    Image Credit: artzycreations.com

    Step 7: This step is optional, but it adds flair to the jewelry. However, if you want to make it more stylish, you need to do the following:

    • Attach small tassels to the tip of the cord.
    • String bigger jump rims through the tassel, then wrap it with the gold wire.
    • Attach more jump rings before applying glue to the end cap.

    how to make bohemian bracelets

    Image Credit: artzycreations.com

    Step 8: Stick the end caps to both tips of the bracelet with glue. Set it aside until it completely dries.

    Step 9: Open the jump rings and add them to the end cap tips. Attach the lobster clasp to one end, then close the jump ring.

    make your own bohemian jewelry

    Image Credit: artzycreations.com

    That's it! Enjoy your new homemade boho bracelet or make more boho bracelets for your upcoming beach wedding or bachelorette party.