• How to Make Bracelet Knots

    Who does not love a simple and quick DIY project? This blog will teach you how to make bracelet knots with a button. The good thing about this homemade jewelry is that anyone can create this accessory regardless of the crafter's expertise. Furthermore, you can save more money because most of the materials used for this project are found at home.

    What You Need to Make Button Bracelet Knots

    Here are the things you need to make a button knot wristband:

    • A yard of stringing material (It can be a ribbon, waxed linen thread, leather, or hemp. Any strand can work, as long as it fits into the button shank. Use a two-millimeter leather cord for this project.)
    • A button with a shank. (It is a small metal ring found at the bottom of the button. This part is used for attaching fabrics.)
    • Scissors

    How to Make Wristband Knots

    Follow these steps for creating button knot bracelet:

    Step 1: Attach the Button

    single sliding knot bracelet

    Image Credit: craftsy.com

    Find the center point of your chosen stringing material and fold it in half. Slip the button through the cord and let it rest in the crimp.

    You may also add beads or rondels to the string. Thread these gems to the strand until you create your desired length and pattern. However, the addition of stones and trinkets to the bracelet is optional, but they add color to your accessory.

    If you use leather as your stringing material, you may already know that this piece can be too hard to bend. Thus, you need to soften it by running the full length of the string through your hands five times.  Apply an ample amount of leather conditioner to the cord before running it through your palm.

    Step 2: Tie a Knot

    Image Credit: craftsy.com

    Image Credit: craftsy.com

    Hold the strings together and tie a knot just below the button. Keep the knot loose until it sits on the button.

    Step 3: Measure the Wristband

    sliding knot bracelet closure

    Image Credit: craftsy.com

    Put the bracelet on your wrist and mark the spot where the two ends of the cord and the center of the button meet. Tie a second knot there.

    Step 4: Make the Bracelet Closure

    how to make a sliding knot with one string

    Image Credit: craftsy.com

    Determine the size of the button and tie a third knot a few inches away from the second knot. The two strings serve as a closure to slip the button through. Trim off the tips of the leather crosswise, approximately an inch away from the end knot.

    If you are making this jewelry for a friend, you need to make sure the second and third bracelet knots are adjustable and re-tied for a comfort fit. Don't cut the tips of the stringing material too short, or it will be hard to re-tie the wristband.

    Your new bracelet is complete! This DIY project is an excellent choice for children. Not only can they use their creativity, but they can also learn how to tie bracelet knots.

    What are you waiting for? Try to make this accessory by tying bracelet knots and adding a button and take this opportunity to make handcrafted gifts or bond with your kids.