• How to Make Button Bracelet

    What do you usually do when a button falls off your blouse or suit? Perhaps you keep it in your sewing kit or throw it away, but did you know that you can make a fashion accessory with these? So instead of hiding your extra or favorite buttons, collect them and turn them into a wearable work-of-art.

    Creating a button bracelet is simple. Furthermore, it is always pleasant to wear. There are different ways to make these bracelets, but this button bracelet tutorial will show you how to make a button bracelet with elastic cord and beads.

    Things You Need to Make a Stretchy Button Bracelet with Beads

    Here are the required tools and materials for making this button bracelet:

    • Elastic Cord
    • Beads
    • Scissors
    • Buttons

    Things You Should Do to Make an Elastic Button Bracelet with Beads

    Follow these steps to create a cute, stretchy button bead bracelet:

    Step 1: Prepare the Stretchy String

    how to make a button bracelet with cord


    Image Credit: wikihow.com

    Cut the cord to at least ten inches (25 cm.) long. Tie a knot at one end of the string to keep the beads and buttons from sliding off as you create the bracelet. Tie another knot around two inches (5 cm.) from one side of the cord.

    Step 2: Feed the Button Followed by the Bead onto the Elastic String

    button bracelet craft

    Image Credit: wikihow.com

    Loop the button first so that it stands vertically instead of laying flat on the stretchy cord. Use the bead to help the button keep its stance. Keep adding buttons and beads alternately or according to the design you want to make.

    Step 3: Keep Threading until the Bracelet Fits Perfectly

    button bracelet tutorial

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    Wear the bracelet from time-to-time to check if it fits neatly around your wrist. Do this as you get closer towards the end of the bracelet. Leave about two inches (5 cm.) at the finishing tip of the cord.

    If you have some buttons and beads left, that is perfectly fine. You can keep and use them for your future DIY projects.

    Step 4: Tie Both Ends of the Elastic Cord

    elastic button bracelet

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    Tie a reef knot or a double knot to secure the pattern. If you do not tie the ends properly, and it breaks, it can be hard to find all the missing pieces.

    Step 5: Trim off Any Excess Strings after Tying a Knot

    how to make button bracelets on elastic

    Image Credit: wikihow.com

    The bracelet should be complete at this point with the beads and buttons designed tightly around the stretchy string.

    Wear your new elastic button bracelet or make more of these, then give them to your friends.