• How to Make Chainmail Bracelets

    This DIY project that we are about to teach you is perfect for novice chainmail fans. It is simple to make and uses the basic pattern: the European 4-in-1. Upon the completion of this project, you will gain the confidence to make more intricate chainmail bracelets.

    Tools for Making Chainmail Bracelets

    chainmail bracelet kit

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    The chainmail cuff bracelet project only needs two materials, and these are:

    • Bent Chain-Nose Pliers
    • Jump Rings

    Steps for Making This Bracelet

    Here are the chainmail bracelet directions:

    Open a jump ring in your middle color. To do this, you need to grab each side with pliers and bend them in reverse directions.

    chainmail bracelet mens

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    Place four edge color rings onto the opening. Close four rings, then put them onto the open loop. Lay it down on your work table nicely and flat.

    chainmaille tutorials for beginners

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     Put the chain down on a flat surface. Close two more hoops and insert them into the open ring. Attach this unit to the sequence in a manner that extends the pattern.

    chainmail chain

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    Keep making chains. Keep adding more chainlets to the sequence until you reach the three-quarters of your wrist size. Use it as a template and create another chain sequence.

    chainmail chain patterns

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    Join the chains. Line up the strings upright with each other, then connect both ends with jump rings.

    chainmaille weaves

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    Add a section of neoprene jump rings. Use the last portion of the cuff by adding neoprene jump rings. These hoops adjust the size of your bracelet according to your wrist circumference, allowing you to slide on and off the wristband effortlessly.

    chainmaille weaves tutorials

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    Join the tips of the cuff. Connect both ends of the bracelet when you reach your chosen length.

    how to make chainmail jewelry

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    You now have your finished cuff wristband! Wear your handmade accessory with pride. Alternatively, you can make more chainmail bracelets with different patterns and add them to your collection.