• How to Make Chan Luu Bracelets

    Chan Luu bracelets are one of the fashionable accessories available on the market. However, the price of this leather wrapped wristband often makes the buyers think twice about whether or not they should buy this trinket, but you don't have to anymore! All you have to do is to create this accessory.

    By making Chan Luu trinkets, you can save much money and spend them on other purposes. Additionally, you will no longer feel left out.

    Making handmade wristbands is fun to do, so visit the nearest craft store and start making this chic trinket now!

    Things You Will Need to Make Chan Luu Bracelets

    chan luu bracelets DIY

    Image Credit: jewelsinfiber.blogspot.com

    This DIY project requires the following materials:

    • Button
    • Needle
    • Glue
    • Thread
    • Scissors
    • Beads
    • Clip Board
    • Leather Cord
    • Binder Clips

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    Here are the steps to follow when making Chan Luu wristbands.

    1 - Determine the Size of Your Bracelet

    how to measure your wrist with string

    Image Credit: ffzdesigns.blogspot.com

     First of all, you need to figure out whether you want to have a single, double, or triple wrapped trinket.  Knowing the number of wraps you want to make determines how much cord you will need.

    Wrap the cordage around your wrist at your chosen length to know the size of your wristband.  Fold the string back into itself to increase its diameter.

    2 - Set up the Workspace

    chan luu wrap bracelet how to make

    Image Credit: jewelsinfiber.blogspot.com

    Turn the clipboard so that it is going sideways. Attach the folded end of the cord to the left edge of the board and the free tips on the right side with the binder clips.  This creates two perpendicular leather cords; one is around a quarter of an inch higher than the other.

    3 - Stitch Beads

    chan luu style leather wrap bracelet

    Image Credit: yesmissy.com

    Double string your needle. Connect the tip of the thread through a double knot beneath the leather cord. Stitch beads about one-and-a-half inches down from the folded end on the left side of the board. Dab a drop of super glue to the knot and cut off any excess thread.

    Stitch a bead and put it in the middle of the two cords. Loop the string to the top cordage and tack it back underneath the bead. Loop the thread beneath the bottom fiber and back again, then stitch the next gem. Repeat the process and keep adding more beads until you reach your desired length.

    Tie a double knot and apply some glue to it, then trim off the excess strings.

    4 - Finish the Bracelet

    chan luu tutorial

    Image Credit: jewelsinfiber.blogspot.com

    Unclip the clasp of the clipboard to remove the bracelet, then tie a slipknot near the folded end to strengthen the fold and create a loop.

    Tie another knot at the opposite side of the cord, then slip a shank button onto it. Tie a knot on the other side of the snap. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist and insert the fastener into the ring to close it.

    There you have it! With more practice, you can make longer and shorter Chan Luu bracelets. You can even change the colors and materials so that it suits your style. You can also give Chan Luu bracelets to your friends and loved ones without breaking the bank.