• How to Make Charm Bracelets

    Making charm bracelets is one of the DIY jewelry basics. With just a few practices, you can create stunning jewelry charms in no time. You can even make these armlets with your friends and give your creations to them as a gift.

    Back in the day, charm jewelry was not worn as a piece of accessory. Ancient people wore charms for talisman purposes. Nowadays, however, people wear it to enhance their look.

    So, how do you make charm bracelets? We will give you tips on how to create this stunning accessory.

    Step 1: Preparing the Supplies

    supplies needed to make a charm bracelet

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Get your materials ready. For this project, you will need a chain, beads or any charms that you can use to decorate your wristlet with, jump rings, lobster claws, and needle nose and split ring pliers.

    *Note: Make sure the chain is long enough to fit around your wrist. As for the beads and charms, you can use small keychains, broken necklaces, or any small trinkets with a hoop.

    Step 2: Attaching the Clasps onto the Bracelet

    how to make a homemade charm bracelet

    Image Credit: making-beaded-jewelry.com

    Open the split loop with split ring pliers and move the chain end onto it. Open the split ring again, and then insert the lobster clasp onto the hook.

    Step 3: Inserting the Charm into the Jump Ring

    how to make a charm bracelet from scratch

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Open the ring with your needle nose pliers and tweezers. Open the ring crookedly, not pry it apart. That way, the jump ring keeps its shape even when you open it with pliers and tweezers. Insert the charm and don’t let it go until you secure the trinket.

    Step 4: Lay the Bracelet on Flat Surface

    how to make charm bracelets wow

    Image Credit: making-beaded-jewelry.com

    Arrange the trinkets next to the chain and lay them on a solid surface. That way, you can see how the bracelet will look after you put on the charms.

    Step 5: Attaching the Ornament to the Bracelet

    how to make a charm bracelet from scratch

    Image Credit: instructables.com

    Once all the charms are inserted into the jump rings, and the chain is laid on a flat surface, you are now ready to decorate the chain. Open the jump ring and hook it to the hoop of the armlet. Close the jump ring to make sure the charm does not fall. Also, ensure the trinkets are facing in the right way.

    Press the ends of the ring together to close it. Do the same thing with other charms until all of them are hooked into the chain.

    Your new bracelet is complete!

    We hope you find this tutorial blog useful. You can look for other tips for making DIY charm bracelets and other wristbands by visiting our website.