• How to Make Charm Bracelets with Beads

    Some people keep their charm bracelets in their jewelry boxes because they believe that this armlet is only for children. However, charm wristlets are timeless and classic. It can tell a story, starting with your childhood memories until you reach what you have become now. For this reason, many designers offer this timeless jewel that brings back memories.

    Unfortunately, buying a charm wristlet can be expensive, which is why we are here to give you tips on how to make charm bracelets with beads.

    Here are the things you should do when making a beaded charm jewel:

    1. Prepare the materials.

    supplies needed to make a charm bracelet

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    You will need beads, charms, an elastic cord, a ruler, and scissors.

    2. Choose the colors of the beads for your charm bracelet.

    how to make a charm bracelet from scratch

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    3. Cut the elastic band longer than your wrist size.

    how to make a homemade charm bracelet

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    You need to do this because once you start putting the beads, it will shorten the elastic’s measurement.

    4. Make a knot at one end of the band.

    how to make beaded bracelets with elastic

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    Doing so will stop the beads from sliding off of the bracelet.

    3. Create a pattern with beads and charms.

    how to make bracelets with beads

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    Do any design you want and let your creative juices flow.

    4. Loop the charms and beads into the elastic until you reach your desired number.

    how to make bracelets with beads and charms

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    Continue adding until you reach your desired number of beads and charms.

    5. Give some space on the bracelet at the opposite side.

    how to make bead bracelets youtube

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    This way, you can tie both ends together.

    6. Tie both ends of the band.

    elastic bracelet knot

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    Secure a knot and trim off excessive strings.

    These are the steps for making beaded charm bracelets. Follow this instruction, and you will have a grand beaded wristband in no time.