• How to Make Copper Bracelets

    Copper is a perfect substitute for silver or gold jewelry because of its rare reddish color. It does not cause much irritation because of the nonreactive compounds of this alloy, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin.  People with arthritis wear copper bracelets because they believe that these accessories can alleviate pain and inflammation. Ideal for making jewelry, copper wire is economical, widely available, and flexible enough to create different shapes.

    Things You Will Need to Make Copper Trinkets

    copper bracelet materials

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    This project requires the following materials:

    • Turquoise Beads
    • Copper Wire
    • Flat Pliers
    • Wire Cutter

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    To make a copper wire bracelet, you need to do the following steps:

    Step One: Determine the Size of Your Wrist

    how to measure your wrist for bracelets

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    Wrap the copper wire loosely around your wrist three times to find out the length of the wristband. Cut the coil at your desired length with your wire cutter.

    You can use a measuring tape to determine the size of your wrist. Write it down and use it as a guideline when making the frame of the bangle.

    Step Two: Create the Primary Part of the Bracelet

    how to bend a copper bracelet

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    Create a circle using the same copper wire you used to measure your wrist and slide three beads through the loop.

    Get another coil, longer than the first one, and set it to one side of the bracelet. Make an S-shape with the wire and the beads by wrapping the cable around the first bead's top part, the second bead's bottom portion, and the third bead's upper section. Get another wire and repeat the process but in a reverse direction. Make sure the coil wraps the three beads tight.

    Step Three: Wrap Cables to Secure and Finish Bracelet

    how to make a copper bracelet with wire

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    Get another wire and wrap it seven times at the tips of the first and third beads to secure them. Hide the excess part so that it will not hurt you. Add a few loops in the center of the first two seven rings for decoration.

    This beaded bracelet is simple to make. You can also use different beads to create another pattern. Hope you can create more beautiful handcrafted copper bracelets like this one.