• How to Make Fabric Cuff Bracelet

    If you or your parents are a tailor or a seamstress, you are likely to have many fabric scraps at home. However, you cannot turn these pieces into new apparel because of their lengths, but there is one way to repurpose them. All you have to do is make a fabric cuff bracelet.

    Things You Need to Make a Fabric Cuff Bracelet

    You will need the following materials to make a DIY fabric cuff bracelet:

    • Sewing Tool and Kit
    • Fabric Scraps
    • Ribbon (Optional)
    • Aluminum Cuff Bracelet
    • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks (Optional)
    • Round Yo-Yo Makers (Optional)

    How to Make a Fabric Wrist Cuff Bracelet

    Start by measuring the diameter of your cuff bracelet and recording the measurement. Then, measure the band from one open end to another and write the dimension down as well.

    how to make fabric bracelets step by step

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    Multiply the size of the cuff by two to find the width of the fabric, then add an inch for the seam allowance. Add a couple more inches for a comfort fit.

    Add about an inch to the cuff size from one open end to the opposite side.

    Use these measurements to cut the fabric. Fold the material lengthwise with right edges together, and press. Sew on the long open side and the short free end with a six-millimeter tie allowance.

    Cut off the stitched edges at an angle to minimize the bulk. Then, turn the tube over and press it.

    how to make a fabric wrist cuff

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    Slide the tube to the bracelet cuff blank and sew on the open edge. Fold the tips inside a bit, then tuck the front and back pieces of fabric within themselves and stitch them by hand to close them.

    fabric cuff bracelets

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    Now is the time to add embellishments to your handmade fabric cuff bracelet. Prepare a ribbon or any fabric you want to use as a frill for your bracelet. If you are using a jacquard lace, you need to do a zigzag stitch to prevent it from fraying. Fold the fabric cuff in half to find the center, then sew the ribbon on one side.

    how to sew a bracelet

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    Now, grab a piece of fabric and your round yo-yo maker. Cut the cloth bigger than the yo-yo disk but do not close it in yet. Fold the fabric in half twice. Fold it well but do not smoothen it with iron.

    Unfold the material and flip it over, then lay it on the bottom disk. Line up one of the folds with a raised bump on the outer part of the base of the yo-yo maker.

    fabric yoyo projects

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    Close the top, notched fabric in place, outlining the material on the plastic with the fold in your cloth. Secure it in place.

    fabric yoyo ideas

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    Feed the thread into the needle and tie a knot to one end. Bring it up from the notched edge to the right corner of the U-shaped holes in the bottom. Bring it back down to the left end of the U-shaped.

    Repeat the process until you sew throughout the round fabric. Gently unclasp the yo-yo maker by pressing the hole in the bottom plate with your thumb to release the material.

    yoyo sewing projects

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    Remove the string carefully to get the yo-yo. Pull from the long thread and the tied end, making sure the gathers stay in the middle at the end. Place your thumb on the disk to cup it inward while getting the yo-yo fabric to form its shape.

    Bring the needle and the thread through the middle of the yo-yo, then pull it out at the bottom. Tie a knot and cut the string to secure it. Apply some hot glue to the center of the bracelet and stick the yo-yo to it. Set it aside and let it dry.

    fabric yoyo patterns

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    You now have your fabric cuff bracelet! Wear your handmade accessory with pride and match it with your favorite outfit.