• How to Make Fork Bracelet

    Do you have old utensils at home? Instead of throwing them away, why not turn them into a piece of jewelry like a bracelet?

    Making a fork bracelet is a creative and fun way to reuse your old silverware. You will have an unusual accessory that you cannot buy at jewelry shops if you make this trinket. However, making a bracelet from a fork can be challenging because you need to exert more effort to bend it. Nevertheless, everything will be worth it when the silverware bangle is complete.

    Tools and Materials for Making a Fork Bracelet

    You will need the following supplies for this project:

    • Pliers
    • Sandpaper
    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Gas Burner
    • Denim or Corduroy
    • Sterling Silver Fork

    DIY Fork Bracelet Tutorial

    Here are the steps for making jewelry bracelets:

    1: Bend the Fork with Your Hands

    silver fork bracelet

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    Use your hands to bend the silverware following the natural arch of the back of the utensil. Place the fork upside down with the face turned down to the ground. Hold the tines and root of the silverware with one hand and the opposite end with your other hand. With the hand holding the fork end, reach its neck with your thumb. It will serve as a fulcrum as you bend the silverware.

    2: Secure the End of the Fork

    how to make silverware jewelry

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    Use an adjustable wrench to keep the utensil stable as you work on the design. Open the wrench jaws by twisting the adjustable screw on its head, then place the end grip of the fork.

    3: Cover the Fork with a Protective Material

    how to make fork and spoon jewelry

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    Wrap the end section of the fork with denim or corduroy. Make sure the cloth covers the top and bottom parts of the utensil. Doing so prevents the pliers from leaving indents in the body as you hold and twist it.

    4: Bend the Fork's Body

    silverware jewelry ideas

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    Place the wrapped end of the silverware in the middle of the open pinchers of the needle nose pliers. Press the handles of the pliers to clamp down the pinchers on the covered part of the fork next to the tines. Hold the adjustable ends securely and use your strength to rotate the needle nose pliers down; thus, twisting the body of the fork.

    5: Bend the Fork Tines

    how to bend silverware for jewelry

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    Lean two tines a bit lower, then heat them with a gas burner. That way, you can twist the tines effortlessly. Bend the tines to create a shape you like.

    6: Make the Bracelet Shiny

    how to heat and bend silverware

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    You are almost done with your recycled fork bracelet! The fork went through a lot of bending and heating before you create the shape. Hence, its surface and edges look and feel rough, but you can smoothen out its façade! All you have to do is rub the rugged sections of the bracelet with sandpaper. Not only will it smoothen the surface, but it will also make the fork bracelet shiny.

    Your silverware accessory is complete! By making a fork bracelet, you will have a silver jewel without spending much money.