• How to Make Jelly Bean Bracelet

    The primary purpose of jewelry is to enhance our look, but did you know that there are sweet accessories? One of these jewels is the jelly bean bracelet. This trinket is colorful and tasty. Furthermore, making a jelly bean bracelet craft is a perfect activity to bond with your children. This post will show you how to turn these sweet treats into an accessory.

    Things You Will Need to Make a Jelly Bean Bracelet

    This DIY project requires the following materials:

    jelly bean bracelet supplies

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    • Jewelry Cord
    • Tapestry Needle
    • Scissors
    • Jelly Beans
    • Baby Wipes (Optional)

    Steps for Making a Jelly Bean Bracelet

    Creating this bracelet is simple. The hardest part is not eating the jelly beans while making the bangle.

    Step 1: Arrange the Beads

    jelly beans

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    Place the jelly beans on the table and line them in a sequence you want to make.

    Step 2: Measure the Cord Length

    jelly bean bracelet instructions

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    Wrap the string around your child's wrist to find out the size of the bracelet, then cut it to your chosen length. Tie a few knots at one tip of the string, approximately an inch from the end of the cord, then feed it into the needle.

    Step 3: Start Beading

    jelly bracelets

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    Push the needle through the middle of each jelly bean to loop them, then move them to the bottom of the cord. Keep threading the beans until it is long enough for your child's wrist.

    Make sure you have the baby wipes with you while making the pattern. The needle gets gluey from the jelly beans. Hence, you need to clean it after every four to five jelly beans.

    Step 4: Finish the Bracelet

    jelly bean bracelet tutorial

    Image Credit: who-arted.com

    Tie both ends when you reach the desired length. Then, it is time to enjoy your tasty accessory!

    There you have it! You can make more jelly bean bracelets and give them to your kids' playmates during or after the party.