• How to Make Loom Bands

    Loom bands are elastic accessories that can be turned into bracelets, necklaces, and even rings. They are a hit with children because of their colors and the way they are made.

    Most loom band kits provide loom boards, but some don’t. If you do not have a loom board, we will show you how to make loom bracelets with your fingers.

    1. Prepare All the Materials Needed

    Loom Band Bracelet Materials

    Image Credit: snapguide.com

    You will need a pack of S-Clips and different colors of loom bands.

    2. Place Bands on Your Fingers

    loom bands on fingers

    Image Credit: snapguide.com

    Get a band, then stretch and flip them around your middle and index fingers to create an infinity sign. Add two more bands over the first rubber band but do not twist them.

    3. Create a Pattern

    loom bracelet pattern

    Image Credit: snapguide.com

    Get one side of the first band and drag it between your fingers. Repeat the process on the other side of the band. You will now have two loom bands around your fingers.

    4. Add More Bands

    fishtail bracelet
    Image Credit: snapguide.com

    Get another elastic band and put them over the first two bands. Repeat steps one and two, keeping all three bands at your fingers at any time and looping the bottom loom band over the top. Do this procedure until you can stretch the bracelet.

    5. Add the Clip

    loom band bracelet with clips
    Image Credit: snapguide.com

    Remove the bangle around one of your fingers to attach the S-clip. Take the end of the bracelet to add the clip, and you are done!

    There you have it! Follow these steps and have fun.