• How to Make Mala Bracelet

    Do you want to update your stack collection? Why not try making a mala bracelet? This jewelry is easy to customize with your chosen beads and is simple to make!

    How Do You Make a Mala Bracelet?

    Before you start making a mala bracelet, you need to decide on the meaning of your trinket. That way, you can choose the right mala bracelet beads. Think about the current status of your life and the goals and aspirations you want to achieve. From there, pick gems that align with you.

    For instance, you may ask the following questions to yourself: Do you want to be in a relationship with someone, or do you want to move on from your ex? Perhaps you want to express yourself better and talk about your needs, or you need grounding, energy, and confidence.

    Once you figure out the mala bracelet meaning, you are ready to gather the required tools and materials. This project needs the following supplies:

    mala making kit

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    • 12 or more metal Heishi beads (7 mm.)
    • Eight metal Heishi beads (5 mm.)
    • Two small metal Rondelle beads
    • Nine or more Rosewood Mala beads
    • Elastic cord (10 in.)
    • Eight round gemstone beads (8 mm.)
    • Glue
    • Charm
    • Scissors
    • Bead Stoppers

    When everything is ready, you can start doing the following steps:

    how to make meditation bracelets

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    Step One: Measure and cut the elastic cord, then add four inches to the size of your wrist. Feed on the charm and place it in the center of the string. Thread a Rondelle bead and a five-millimeter nugget Heishi bead on each side of the amulet. Loop a bead stopper at one end of the strand.

    how to make a stretch mala bracelet

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    Step Two: Plan how you want to bead your bracelet. Lay the beads out in an order that you like, then start stringing them. Thread the first eight-millimeter gemstone onto the cord followed by the five-millimeter nugget Heishi bead. Repeat this pattern three times and end it with an eight-millimeter gem.

    how to make an adjustable mala bracelet

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    Step Three: Add a bead stopper to the beaded part of the bracelet to secure the cord. Repeat step two on the other side of the band to match the pattern.

    how to make a mala

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    Step Four: Keep beading. Feed on two 7-millimeter nugget Heishi beads and an eight-millimeter Mala bead. String the remaining beads alternatively and repeatedly to create a pattern. Secure the stones with a bead stopper.

    how to make a wrist mala

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    Step Five: Add another bead stopper to the beaded section of the bracelet to secure the strand. Repeat step four on the opposite side so that it corresponds to the previous design. Change the mala bead count and the number of nugget Heishi beads to reach your desired length.

    how to make a stretch bracelet

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    Step Six: Remove the bead stopper and hold both ends of the cord securely. Tie the tips of the string with a knot to form the shape of the mala bracelet. Pull both ends and stretch the bracelet to tighten the knot. Then, cut the cordage approximately one-eighth inch from the knot.

    how to make a strong bracelet

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    Step Seven: Dab some glue onto the knot to secure the attachment. Use a super-fine applicator to smear the adhesive all over the knot, then slip it through the middle of a wooden mala bead. Let it dry completely before wearing the trinket.

    You now have your finished mala accessory! Wear the mala bracelet while meditating or match it with your wardrobe.