• How to Make Men’s Bracelets

    Handmade jewelry is not just for women anymore. These cool men’s bracelets can spice up not only their jewelry collections but also their outfits.

    Making men's bracelets is notably simple and cost-effective. Sometimes, it costs less than a dollar, depending on the materials used. Furthermore, the design of handcrafted jewelry is unique. You do not have to worry about anyone else wearing the same accessory, making it a perfect gift for your loved one.

    There are many DIY men's bracelets you can make, but this article will focus on three types: the slip-on wristband, the tea-dyed bone bead bracelet, and the hardware bangle.

    Making a Slip-On Wristband

    slip-on bracelet

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    The slip-on band requires the fewest materials in this tutorial. You only need an elastic cord and some beads.


    Follow these steps to make this wristband:

    Step One: Measure the size of your wrist with the stretchy string.

    how to measure your wrist size for a stretch bracelet

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    Step Two: Use it to thread the beads, forming your desired pattern.

    how to make a bracelet for a guy

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    Step Three: Knot the cord firmly but not too tight so that you can adjust the size of the wristband with ease. Glue the knot to prevent it from coming undone.

    mens beaded bracelet designs

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    Making a Tea-Dyed Bone Bead Bracelet

    diy mens beaded bracelets

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    If you are looking for something unique yet still trendy, you may opt for this homemade accessory for men. What makes this jewelry different from other men's bracelets is the beads. Most beads are embellished with enamel and spray paints. This one, however, uses tea to dye the beads.

    To create this beaded bracelet, you need to prepare the following materials:

    • Thin elastic cord
    • Round bone beads with large holes (12 mm.)
    • Leather or cotton bootlace


    Listed below are the steps for making a tea-dyed bead bracelet:

    Step One: String the beads on both the leather lace and the elastic strand until you only have four gems left. Thread the remaining stones into the stretchy cord.

    mens beaded bracelet patterns

    Step Two: Tie both ends of the elastic string together to make a secure -- but not too tight -- knot. Apply a few drops of glue to the knot for added stability and wait until the adhesive dries.

    Step Three: String the leather bootlace into the last four beads to hide the knot.

    Step Four: Make another knot at both ends of the bootlace near the beads. Tie both ends together, leaving enough space to let the bracelet be taken off and on effortlessly.

    Step Five: Trim off any excess leather as needed.

    how to make a bracelet out of leather cord

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    Making a Hardware Bangle

    hardware bracelet

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    Who says hardware tools are just for carpentry and repair? You can also make men's bracelets out of these materials. This accessory looks upscale, but it is economical, simple, and timeless.


    Follow this step-by-step guide to create this stylish bangle.

    Step One: Cut a 24-inch cable from the 18-gauge copper wire, and then clean and rectify it. Cut the 24-inch coil into four five-inch pieces, leaving four inches of copper wire.

    Beat the five-inch pieces with an anvil and a hammer and keep them as straight as possible. Use nylon pliers to straighten any curve and clean them with a cloth. File one end to smoothen it and let it rest for a moment.

    Fold the four-inch wire and hammer it gently. Make sure it is not as straight as others. Polish it and leave it for a moment.

    how to make a copper bracelet

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    Step Two: Cut 18 inches of 20-gauge copper and brass coils, then clean and align them. Twist both cables together with pin vises, then set them aside.

    how to make twisted copper wire bracelets

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    Step Three: Cut four ten-inch pieces of each of 20-gauge copper and brass wiring. Clean and flatten each line and tape them together at the base with floral tape, alternating the metals. Make sure the alloys stand upright together as you bind them.

    Fold the right cables over the left, keeping the coils straight. Bend the last three pairs across the folded wire to the other end. Move the bent set to the left side, and then double it so that it corresponds to the second pair.

    Gently loosen the clamp and reshape the coils just on top of the clamp tip. You have made your first weave. Keep going until you braid all the cables, and do not forget to put the clamp back on as you weave them. Cut off the tips and file the edges when needed.

    braided copper wire bracelet

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    Step Four: Fold the braided cords in half to form an enclosure for the intertwined piece. Use floral tape to join the coils temporarily.

    copper wire bracelet pattern

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    Step Five: Make a latch at one end of the five-inch copper pieces. Neatly twist it around the bangle, securing the interwoven lines to the tangled bits, leaving a small eye for the clasp. Turn the copper wires three to four times, then cut and reshape the flat part on the back.

    Do the same thing on the opposite side and in two other places, leaving gaps between each piece around 1.5 inches from the tips. Smoothen any rough surface.

    make wire bracelets

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    Step Six: Cut off the bent cables to half an inch or so and twist them more securely as needed. Coil through two loops, tucking the edges into the straight wire. Make sure the flat cord does not slip off.

    how to make a gold wire bracelet

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    There you have it! These men's bracelets are the simplest and the trendiest way to spice up any look. All you need to do is pick any of these handmade men's bracelets that suits your or the recipient's style and taste.