• How to Make Multi-Strand Bracelet

    Jewelry made by multiple strands of small beads can be stunning! It is an excellent use for seed beads with a beautiful color and texture but not steady enough to apply for a gridded beadwork stitch. Furthermore, you can make a multi-strand bracelet from other small beads, such as semiprecious gemstones, seed pearls, and small pressed glass shapes.

    Tools and Materials for Making a Multi Strand Bracelet

    Here’s what you need to make a multi-strand bracelet:

    multi strand bracelet supplies

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    • Six Gold Crimp Beads
    • One Small Turquoise Tassel with Jump Ring
    • Six Gold Wire Guardians
    • One Gold Rhinestone Charm with Jump Ring
    • Two Gold Jump Rings (8 mm.)
    • One Gold and Garnet Charm with Jump Ring
    • One Gold Ball-Tip Headpin
    • 44 Faceted Apatite Gemstone Beads (4 mm.)
    • One Gold Loop Chain (1.5 in.)
    • 76 Gold Nugget Beads (4 mm.)
    • 19-Strand Bead Stringing Wire (Gold)
    • 21 Faceted Gemstone Beads (4 mm.)
    • Ruler
    • 130 Round Freshwater Pearls (3-4 mm.)
    • Wire Cutters
    • Round-Nose Pliers
    • Chain-Nose Pliers
    • Masking Tape or Bead Bug (Optional)

    Multi Strand Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

    Listed below are the multi-strand bead bracelet instructions you should follow:

    3 strand bracelet tutorial

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    Step 1: Start by cutting the beading wire into three 12-inch pieces. Place a piece of masking tape or a bead bug on one end of the cord to prevent the beads from rolling away.

    multi strand bracelet ideas

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    Step 2: Bead the first string. Feed about one-and-three-quarter inches of freshwater pearls into the beading wire and another one-and-three-quarter inch of faceted garnets.

    Slip on the garnet charm, then loop another batch of freshwater pearls followed by one-and-three-quarter inches of gold nugget beads. Put a piece of masking tape at the end of the string.

    three strand bracelet patterns

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    Step 3: Get the second beading wire and feed around one-and-three-quarter inches of gold nugget beads. Thread on another set of freshwater pearls, then slip on the turquoise tassel. Loop about one-and-three-quarter inches of faceted apatite beads succeeded by another batch of gold nugget beads. Place a bead bug or masking tape to the end of the coil.

    multi strand beaded bracelet pattern

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    Step 4: Get the third string and loop another set of faceted apatite beads followed by the freshwater pearls. Slip on the rhinestone charm and continue beading. Loop about one-and-three-quarter inches of gold nugget beads and one-and-three-quarter inches of freshwater pearls. Place a piece of tape at the end of the beaded string.

    how to end a multi strand bracelet

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    Step 5: Finish beading all the strands and arrange them in your preferred order. Connect three beaded strings with a jump ring at one end.

    how to make a multi strand braceler

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    Step 6: Attach another jump ring to the opposite side, as it is where you will hook your multi-strand bracelet clasp. Additionally, it will help prevent the strings from tangling.

    multi strand bracelet diy

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    Step 7: Make sure the strings are tangle-free before setting the jump ring. Once done, add the clasp to complete the project.

    There you have it! You can make another multi-strand bracelet using any combination of beads you like. However, you need to make sure that the stones have the same size to get a uniform look. Have fun making your handmade multi-strand bracelet!