• How to Make Nepal Roll on Bracelet

    A Nepal bracelet is one of the accessories that helps many families. Several Nepalese women have created these bracelets to earn a living and to support their folks.

    However, getting these accessories can be expensive whether you buy it from Nepal or stores near you, but you do not have to order them anymore. There is another way to own these bracelets without spending much money. All you have to do is learn how to make a Nepal roll on a bracelet. First, you need to grab the following materials:

    • Different Colors of Beads
    • Seed Beads
    • Test Fishing Line (1 ft. of 5 lbs.)
    • Polyelastic Vinyl Cord (40-50 ft.)
    • Standard Knitting Needle

    Now that you have the supplies with you, you need to do the following Nepal roll on bracelet instructions:

    Step 1: Cast-In

    roll on beaded bracelets instructions

    Image Credit: sizzlecity.com

    Clip one end of the polyelastic vinyl cord and start threading the primary colored beads onto it. You can begin with five to ten beads, but it is crucial to note the number of beads you have looped because you will string the same quantity of beads later.

    Step 2: Choose Your Pattern

    crochet glass bead bracelet pattern

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    Keep adding beads until you are ready to knit your first loop and knot.

    If you want to make a chevron pattern, you need to loop ten white beads, four gold beads, ten white beads, and four silver beads. Repeat the process until you reach the desired length.

    Step 3: Start Looping and Knotting

    roll on bracelet instructions

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    A Nepal bracelet uses a standard knitting process to make the middle stem, which holds the pattern. To do this, you need to weave a loop between each second and third gold beads and tie a knot to hold them in place. Repeat the process until you loop and knot the remaining gold bead sequence.

    Step 4: Repeat the Process

    how to make a glass bead bracelet

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    Repeat the procedure throughout the length of the cord, knitting a loop in each gold sequence between every second and third gold beads. Knot the hoop through the middle stem and to the middle part of the bracelet to strengthen the pattern.

    Step 5: Stitch an Invisible Seam

    roll on seed bead bracelet

    Image Credit: sizzlecity.com

    Finish the bracelet by sewing a vague stitch at the tip of the bracelet with a needle and fishing line. Coil the needle onto the fishing cord and tie a knot to the end of the line. Stitch both tips of the bracelet, then pull it tight. Cut off the excess string, and your bracelet is complete.

    Wear the Nepal roll on a bracelet with pride and show the world your knitting skills!