• How to Make Paper Bead Bracelet

    No money for buying beads? No problem! Making paper beads is an excellent alternative to getting beads in craft stores. Moreover, they create vibrant and unique accessories. This post will teach you how to make a paper bead bracelet.

    Things You Will Need to Make a Paper Bead Bracelet

    Here are the materials you need to make a recycled paper bead bracelet:

    • Toothpick
    • Scissors
    • Clear Glaze
    • Ruler
    • Thin Wire
    • Glue
    • Toggle Clasp
    • Paper
    • Crimp Beads

    Making a Paper Bead Bracelet

    First, you need to make a mark at the edge of the paper. Do the same thing on the other side. Use the width to measure the beads.

    paper bead bracelets

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    Connect the dotted marks you made to form a model for your other pieces. Follow the line while you cut the paper into strips.

    how to make paper beads look like glass

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    Turn the piece of paper upside down and apply glue from top to bottom. Start working on the strip by rolling it from the base to the tip.

    paper bead jewelry

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    This step is optional, especially if you are using a page from a magazine. Nevertheless, if you want your paper beads to look lustrous, you need to stick them to the toothpicks and apply a thin layer of varnish to the outer section of each bead. Set them aside until they are thoroughly dry.

    paper beads tutorial

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    You are ready to assemble your paper bead cuff bracelet. Measure the size of your wrist and add about half an inch for a comfort fit. Cut the thin wire and double the size of your wrist circumference. Arrange your beads in your preferred order.

    paper bead jewelry

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    Loop a crimp bead onto the wire, then string the first closure. Thread the coil back and toward the crimp bead again. Set the crimp on the closure with two strings of wire beside each other. Make sure the crimp bead and the closure are nestled with each other, not stacked on top of each other.

    how to make paper bead jewelry

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    Even out the crimp bead with flat-nose pliers to tighten the closure, leaving the coil tip. Thread the paper beads onto the wire to create the pattern.

    paper bead jewelry ideas

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    Loop the tip back to the beads on the coil, concealing the end. Cut the edge as needed.

    paper bead jewelry patterns

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    Thread another crimp to the wire, then string the second closure. Loop the coil back to the crimp and the paper beads.

    paper bead patterns

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    Adjust so that the crimp bead is next to the clasp and the beads. Leave some space for the paper beads to move.

    how to make paper beads from magazines

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    Lastly, pinch the bead tight with flat-nose pliers, and then cut off the excess.

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    Your handmade accessory is complete! Match the paper bead bracelet with any wardrobe and enjoy your new wristband.