• How to Make Paper Bracelets

    Are you looking for ways to reuse your children's artwork? Before archiving their creations, try these paper bracelets first!

    Here are the tools you need for this project:

    supplies needed to make paper bracelets

    Image Credit: roseart.com

    • Pencil
    • Paint Brushes
    • White Construction Paper
    • Poster Paints
    • Tape
    • Ruler

    How do you make paper bracelets?

    Here are the things you should do to make handmade paper bracelets:

    1.Cut out pieces of paper. Start by cutting 20 strips of paper around 4 × 1.5 inches each. Measure the cuts accurately with a ruler.

    paper bracelet step by step

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    2. Pre-fold each piece. Fold each strip halfway in length, then fold the pieces again vertically halfway down the center. Doing so will speed up the making process since it is easier to lock the strips together.

    how to make friendship bands with paper step by step

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    3. Slip one piece to another. Each strip should have an opening on the folded edge to create a crocodile mouth. Take two crocodile mouths and clamp one of them over the other. Slide the clamped piece to make it even with the bent tip of the one “biting.”

    paper bracelet template

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    4. Fold the end of the bitten piece. The bitten can get away from the crocodile's mouth before you know it. To prevent this from happening, you need to fold the top, open edge of the etched piece so that its outer end meets and is even with the nearest end of the snapping crocodile mouth. Then, double the tip over the biting crocodile mouth. Flip it over and do the same thing on the opposite side, then secure the edges with the tape.

    how to make paper bracelets at home

    Image Credit: roseart.com

    5. Put a new piece and keep folding. You now have a small hoop on top. Place a new strip into the circle to create another loop. Make sure the hoop is larger than the diameter of the folded pieces.

    how to make a paper bracelet wikihow

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    6. Keep folding by inserting a strip through the new loop. Repeat the procedure of overlapping the end of both sides up at the right angle. Tuck the folded edge through the pocket created by the earlier piece.

    how to make folded paper bracelets

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    7. Connect both tips. When you are happy with the size of your woven paper bracelet, you need to insert the piece through the last loop to bring the ends together. Fold the end of both sides up at the right angle to secure the tips.

    origami bracelet

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    Your paper folding bracelet is complete! By making paper bracelets, you can make affordable, stylish accessories and save Mother Earth at the same time.