• How to Make Plastic Lanyard Bracelet

    Lanyard bracelets, like you made in the summer camps when you were young, are available in all kinds of stores and boutiques nowadays. However, you can also make this accessory yourself, so why buy it?

    This tutorial will teach you how to make a plastic lanyard bracelet using the classic box stitch. This technique can be tricky at first, but you can make several plastic lanyard bracelets in less than an hour once you get the hang of it.

    Things You Will Need to Make a Plastic Lanyard Bracelet

    supplies needed to make a lanyard bracelet

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    • Clasp
    • Chain
    • Needle
    • Plastic Lace
    • Nose Pliers/Scissors

    Plastic Lanyard Bracelet Instructions

    1. Cut two lengths of plastic lace between 60 and 80 inches each, depending on your chosen bracelet size and wrist circumference. That way, you can make a loose wristband like a bangle and attach an additional chain to it.
    how to make lanyard bracelets step by step with picturesImage Credit: braceletbook.com
    2. Locate the middle point of one of the strings and wrap it around your finger twice. Find the center of your second string and slip it beneath both hoops. Take one side above and beneath and do the same thing to the other. Slide off your finger and secure the knot.
    lanyard bracelet instructions with pictures
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    3. Finishing the first and last stitches are the most difficult part of this DIY project, but it is loop/loop opposing laces. You need to coil up and down and up and down using the remaining strands, then pull it tight.
    how to make bracelets with plastic string step by step
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    4. Leave the final stitch loose, then with each string, you need to loop it around the closest hoop, below, and up to the middle all the way around. Cut off the tips as you like.
    easy lanyard bracelets
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    5. Open a chain link with your pliers. Loop it to one (or two) of the hoops at the end knot, then attach another chain if you want.
    gimp bracelets
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    6. Open another chain and connect it to your lobster clasp. Coil it onto the top, opposite edge of your lanyard.


    how to make a lanyard

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    Your plastic lanyard bracelet is complete! Make more of these bracelets and give them to your friends or use the same instructions to create keychains.