• How to Make Seed Beaded Bracelets

    The summer is here again! It is time to wear your favorite summer outfits and swimsuits and hit the beach. But it is also time to create DIY accessories and bond with your loved ones, so why not do both at the same time?

    This post will show you how to create summer seed beaded bracelets. This handcraft uses the basic jewelry making techniques and a few materials. Furthermore, the wristlet is lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear throughout this season.

    What You Will Need

    Listed below are the things you need to get to create this DIY project:

    • Crimp Beads
    • Beading Wire
    • Necklace Ends
    • Bugle Beads (2 mm.)
    • Clasp
    • Seed Beads (size 10)
    • Jump Ring
    • Fine Chain
    • Chain Nose Pliers
    • Bead Stoppers (Optional)
    • Beading Mat (Optional)
    seed bead bracelet supplies
    Image Credit: makeandfable.com

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    Here are the tips to follow when creating this DIY bracelet:

    1. Cut two 20-centimeter pieces of beading wire and feed them to the necklace end.

    seed bead bracelet patterns for beginners

    Image Credit: makeandfable.com

    2. Put a crimp bead over the short ends and to the opening of the necklace end.

    seed bead bracelet patterns

    Image Credit: makeandfable.com

    3. Using the chain nose pliers, press the crimp bead to flatten it.

    Image Credit: makeandfable.com

    4. Loop both ends of the wire into the last link at the tip of the 20 cm. chain.

    seed bead bracelet patterns and instructions

    Image Credit: makeandfable.com

    5. Start stringing the seed beads on one of the beading lines. Place the small seed beads on a beading mat and use the tip of the wire to get the seeds like a needle. When the series of beads is about 15 cm. long, use a bead stopper to prevent them from falling off of the thread.

    how to make seed bead bracelets without a loom

    Image Credits: makeandfable.com

    6. String on 15 cm. of the bugle beads on the other beading wire.

    seed bead bracelet tutorial

    Image Credit: makeandfable.com

    7. Remove the bead stopper, then coil both lines into the other end of the chain. Loop the necklace next, then a crimp bead. Smash the crimp to flatten it.

    beaded bracelet patterns for beginners

    Image Credit: makeandfable.com

    8. String the open hook at one end of the necklace tips. Coil the hook onto a trigger clasp, and then make a teardrop figure with your pliers. Press the two cups together to hide the crimp.

    beading patterns free instructions

    Image Credit: makeandfable.com

    9. Repeat the process at the other end, but this time, use a closed jump ring instead of a clasp.

    free seed bead jewelry patterns

    Image Credit: makeandfable.com

    Your wristlet is complete! Even though the design screams summer, you can wear these seed beaded bracelets, even if the season is over.